Haji Hadi: PAS is Ready to Quit PR

On 17th February, 2013, Sinar Harian reported that Haji Hadi said that if PR (the opposition) is not beneficial to Islam and the Malays, PAS will quit PR readily. He announced so during the seventh Program Pas Ganti Umno (PGU 7.0) at Banggol Peradong, Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu on the 16th of February, 2013.

Haji Hadi PAS quit PR

During the program, when Haji Hadi was interviewed by the reporters, he said that the problem had not yet risen and he is sure that PAS’s alliance with PR will not bring any (bad) effects to the Malays and to Islam.

He also said that PR accept the Federal Constitution which place Islam as the core religion, the Malay Language as the official language, recognise the special rights of the bumiputera (the Malays) and the monarch.

He said that the politic alliance between PAS, PKR and DAP is strengthening the Malays and Islam.

Is that true, Haji Hadi?

My Conclusion

To get things straight, first let’s point out some of the things that PR had been doing all these years:

  • Allow the non-Muslim to use the word Allah as their god.
  • Stopping the reading of Al-Quran and azan for Fajr prayers in Penang.
  • Anwar Ibrahim declares that Malaysia belongs to the Chinese and the Indians and does not belong to the Malays.
  • Giving out flyers that demand to change the government, the flag and to end  the monarchy system during their demonstrations. Malaysian King the Sultans are protector of Islam and the Malays. Ending the monarchy system means PR is putting an end to the Malay rights and Islam as the religion of this country.
  • Distributing flyers which promotes Malaysian communist leader, Chin Peng and communist law.

So, if Haji Hadi is an honest man, PAS should had already quit PR a long time ago since obviously, PKR and DAP does not support the Malays and Islam What Haji Hadi did was just making another statement to confuse the Malays and the Muslims  in believing that PR is still fighting for Islam and the rights of the Malays to win their  votes.

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