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Today, an assembly which was organised by the opposition called ‘Kebangkitan Rakyat’ (‘Rise of the Rakyat’) or #KL12 is held. The participants will march from various places to Stadium Merdeka. Here are some pictures of the event…

According to the Peaceful Assmebly Act 2012 (Act 736) children under 15 are not allowed to join assemblies…

Kid 1

Kid 2

Kid 3

Kid 4

Since the Janji Bersih assembly during Merdeka Day last year, it was clear that the opposition wants to make a revolution. And here’s more evidence to prove it…

Revolution Flyer

Do they want to make Malaysia a comunist country?

Komunis mix

Komunis Cap

Komunis Flyer

Please click here to read about the ‘Red Star’ symbol…

Do they want to legalise LGBT?

Rainbow Flag


Please click here to read about the ‘Rainbow Flag’…

Coutersy to RBF online, PAS Beruk and Dr MiM for the pictures…