Pakatan’s new Malaysia flag: Not a copycat? Turning Malaysia to a Republic?

Last night at Dataran Merdeka, people clad in Bersih T-shirts were seen waving a ‘new flag’.

They were also distributing leaflets about the ‘new flags’. Were these new flags were created by Pakatan Rakyat (Oppositions party)?

Last year, DAP’s M. Manoharan (state assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah in Selangor) stated in his Facebook:

I distributed many DAP flags today in my constituency. I refused to fly the Malaysian flag because it looks more BN than Malaysian.

Copycat…AMERICA. America Syarikat atau Syarikat America. Inipun Bahasa Malaysia tak betul. LOL. Bendera Amerika Syarikat ditiru!

Pakatan will come up with a new flag. The current one is definitely out.

He also distributed DAP flags last year instead of the Jalur Gemilang for Merdeka Day. He also said, “It’s the national flag that should be in our hand.”

What is it about the Jalur Gemilang that is so BN? Is there any BN logos on it? Maybe they said it because the moon signifies Islam and (UMNO) BN is far more Islamic than PR.

The Jalur Gemilang may look like the United States flag but how about the new flag? Isn’t it similar to Singaporean and Indonesian flags? And it is far more logical that the new flag is so PR or DAP because of the fact that DAP is said to be a splinter of Singaporean’s PAP.

The fact that they are going to make the new flag Malaysia’s flag when PR gain control of Malaysia, do they mean to make Malaysia a republic because both Indonesia and Singapore are republics.

And if there is no king to protect the Malay’s rights as in Article 153, I think the opposition will change the Constitution of Malaysia if they gain control of Malaysia; like the Article 3 which states that Malaysia is an Islamic country.

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24 thoughts on “Pakatan’s new Malaysia flag: Not a copycat? Turning Malaysia to a Republic?”

    1. It’s too similar to the USA flag, you can still love Malaysia however the current flag doesn’t represent the country so one way or another it’s going to have to change!

  1. Although I have no political allegiances, it is extremely sad when a statesman does not even know the history and story behind our own national flag. The Jalur Gemilang is not a copy of the American Flag. The case for this similarity is that both flags have similar history is all. As you all know, the British East Indian Company (EIC) or better known in Malaysia as Syarikat Hindia Timur Inggeris (SHTI) once traded extensively in this country of ours. Now, I would like everyone to search wikipedia about this stock-joint company. Now, look at their flag. Our flag is similar to this flag because of our history. The EIC once traded in the United States as well and one could say that this is where the American Founding Fathers derived the Betsy Ross from. Its amazing what a little google and wikipedia can do. And to the admin, do not worship the government. Praise it when it does good, and mock it when it does bad. As one of our heroes once said, “Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah”.

    1. Okay, the problem isn’t the fact that the flag is a direct copy of the USA flag, the problem is that it’s way too similar. I understand how you feel about it and why you don’t want it to change. which partly makes sense, however like you pointed out that the history is very similar that doest mean they should use almost every aspect of the American flag…red and white stripes, the blue in the top left corner. The only difference is that it has yellow Islam symbols, what if the country was Christian or just non-religious how would the flag look EVEN more similar to the U.S flag. As an American, I feel that the flag of Maylasia doesn’t even really represent the way of government and culture, etc in the country. There needs to be a change or else…

      1. Please do your research before commenting on matters you are not well-versed in. The Jalur Gemilang is not a copy of the flag of the USA, but rather it was designed based on the flag of Majapahit and the flag of Johore. Sidenote, you’d do well to be aware of the fact that the flag of the USA isn’t so original after all as its design was based on the flag of the East India Company; red and white stripes, the blue in the top left corner.

    2. Hi. It feels funny to reply to a comment from eight years back, but I re-found your comment and felt compelled to mention a few things.

      The Jalur Gemilang was actually designed based on the flags of Majapahit and Johore. Although I’ve heard arguments being made on how they swapped the original design (blue stripes, red corner) with the current one to resemble the flag of the East India Company, it was more likely that they did it to avoid any resemblance to the communist flag with the then-ongoing battle against the communists. I have no reports or written evidence to support my argument, however. I should probably read more into this matter and maybe write a post on it one day.

      And thanks for the advice 🙂

  2. President Soekarno was right when he said that malaysia is a country without ideology and identity.

    There was no revolution and no struggle for independence in malaysia. The country was not created by the people, it was created by a deal between britain and sultans.

    Malaysia does not have a state ideology and no real constitution. This country exclusively consists of deals and compromises. (just like that american style flag)

    This injust corrupt monarchist regime can not survive if the people get a certain level of education and access to independent information.

    It is just a matter of time until malaysia becomes a democratic republic, because even the brain of the most stupid conservative racist religious idiot will at some point develop if the general level of education rises.

    weapon of BN: fear, racism and stupidity

    weapon of PKR: education, information and justice

    1. So, you admit that PKR is after a revolution? And that PKR wants to change the Malaysian flag and dismiss our king? Then why must the PKR leaders deny these facts and lied to people about PKR’s real ideology and ideas? This shows that PKR leaders are real liars.
      If so, I can conclude that the ideology of PKR is similar to the ideology of socialist and communism.
      Malaysia is a sovereign country—with a strong and unique constitution. We are a peaceful nation where people of different ethnic and races live happily together in harmony. Article 3 (1) of the Federal Constitution says that Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation. The BN government do not support wars and the use of violence and unethical means to reach their goals like what happen in Bersih, Occupy Dataran Merdeka and others. The majority Malaysians do not support socialist and communist ideology, that do not emphasise on the importance of religions, etc.
      Thank you very much for showing the true colours of PKR and for confirming these facts. Now we know that PKR leaders lied when they denied the fact that they want to create a revolution, change the flag and abolish the king. I hope that all of us including PKR supporters can now see the true colours and ideology of PKR. It seems that PKR will not just change the flag but also change our constitution in order to change our country to a republic and secular country.

  3. Our Jalur Gemilang is a copy of an American flag by a JKR employee back in 1947. What in the bloody hell are you hypocrite imbeciles are taking about patritism. You fools, the Sang Sangka is the genuine original flag of Malaya. UMNO made another flag because according to British the Sang Sangka associated with the opposition. Well the opposition is back, an Malaysia should be returned to its origin.

    1. According to Malaysian historians and scholars, the Sang Saka Malaya was never a Malaysian flag. The flag belongs to the left wing party Kesatuan Melayu Muda (KMM), a party which fought for the unification of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and the Republik Indonesia and to turn the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu into a republic. So, Sang Saka Malaya belongs to the traitors of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu which was ruled by the Sultans and not presidents. There is no document or written prove that says Malaysia ever belonged or was governed by the opposition. It is so silly to just claim things to support PR’s agenda. The claim is just as good as if I were to claim that my grandfather was the king of Malaysia :mrgreen:

    1. Dear Mr. Loh Ban Yew,
      Two of Anwar Ibrahim’s men is proved to be involved with the new flag. Please click here and here for the evidences. Since Anwar Ibrahim is the Opposition leader and he supported the flag issue what else must be said about it? And as I mentioned in my post, Manoharan said in his facebook account that, “Pakatan will come up with a new flag. The current one is definitely out.”

  4. aaa,

    The fact is, WE LOVE MALAYSIA and we do vote for opposition if the candidate is PERSONALLY GOOD! You better pack yourself and be a citizen of Myanmar or even Angola. Only then you’ll appreciate MALAYSIA. And what the hell was there a few clowns flying the new flag? Do they really belong to this country????

    1. Dear RH,
      Yes, those people who do not appreciate our country and dare to humiliate our Jalur Gemilang during our Merdeka celebration do not really belong to this country because they do not love their own country.
      They need to sit down and ask themselves who are behind the idea of Occupy and all those demonstrations they are so proud of. This is not a matter of BN or Umno but we are talking about the patriotism and the Federal Constitution.

  5. There are TOTALLY stupid and insane. GILA KUASA> Saki baki Komunis. Kalau dulu Raja2 kita tak bagi pengampunan pada saki baki komunis dan halau mereka dari Malaysia, tentu perkara ni tak terjadi. Ternyata CUCU CICIT CIRIT BIRIT mereka masih menyambung perjuangan komunisme mereka dengan style baru. Win the Politik. harap PEKIDA , MAJLIS RAJA-RAJA dan Goverment Malaysia mengambil tindakan lebih keras pada mereka. INI PENGKHIANATAN PALING BESAR dalam sejarah tanah air! GOD BLESS MALAYSIA!!!

    1. Dear Rouy Reinsz,
      Yes, I totally agree with you. These people should talk to our historian Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim or at least read his papers on the issue of Perlembagaan Persekutuan and sejarah kemerdekaan to understand that Malaysia is Tanah Melayu and our Sultans are the rulers. INI PENGKHIANATAN PALING BESAR dalam sejarah tanah air! – again I agree with you. I can’t imagine somebody who dare to humiliate their own country’s flag on their Independence Day. PR and their Bersih (or what ever name they called their demonstrations) only proves that they do not mind to destroy the harmony for their own political agendas.

    1. Dear aaa,
      I am very sorry but loving my country and being proud for being a Malaysian is not called retarded 🙂 It is called patriotism. A good citizen respect the laws of hers/his country, respect the flag, the leaders regardless of their political opinions. I do not support rude behaviour and bad manners nor do I support rude words even when talking to someone I hate. I love my peaceful country and I do not want anybody to destroy the harmony for their own agenda. And I uphold the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia.


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