Bersih 3.0… A peaceful demonstration?

Yesterday, there was a demonstration called Bersih 3.0 in Kuala Lumpur. It was led by Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan.

The organisers said that it is a peaceful demonstration.

The demonstrators threw things to passing police cars… Caused a police car to crash… Hit police cars…

Bersih supporters hitting a police car...

Some of the demonstrators overturned a police car…

A lot of things got ruined…

Motorcycles were broken near Dataran Merdeka.

The demonstrators hit the polices…

Bersih supporter hitting a police...

And even people who were trying to help the police were hit…

Mohd Azri (reporter of TV Al-Hijrah) was hit by a helmet on the head while trying to help an injured police.

So is this a peaceful demonstration? 

For full detail of the demonstration, please click here.

For more photos of the rally, please click here.

For Anwar and Azmin instigated the crowd? video, please click here

10 thoughts on “Bersih 3.0… A peaceful demonstration?”

  1. Tell us why a police car ran into the crowd …a boy has been warded because of this….how dare you twist the story…how much did they pay you?

    1. Dear crystal,
      Thanks again. Please watch this video I am sorry for the victims including the policeman and the Al-Hijrah reporter who were attacked by the violent crowd. The demonstrators who attacked the police car and damaged the windscreen (that may caused the accident) should think about the result of their actions before attacking the car. And I’m also sorry to see some reports on the internet that do not show what happened to the car before the driver lost control. Yes, I watched videos and read from all souces including Malaysiakini and The Malaysia Insider. Please read my latest post We would have stayed peaceful if they haven’t sprayed us-Bersih 3.0 supporters

      1. Dear Aa,
        What you have done here is exemplary. You have presented your case well in a civilised and professional manner. You have exercised restraint when you could have retaliated emotionally to Crystal. I urge Crystal to follow what AA has done.
        Just because of our blind hatred to the ruling government, we have failed to think objectively and have unwittingly sanctified every action of the opposition, who are obviously human too and cannot be infallible. Give credits where it is due.
        By accusing people of bribery, ‘…typical BN..’ and running down the police institution as thugs are but a few examples of childish, crybaby and irresponsible attitude thatwe all can dispense with coming from the rabid supporters of the opposition as displayed here by Crystal.

        And the fact that this is the same police institution that will be entrusted to serve us also should the opposition capture Putrajaya.
        Are we that desperate that we should flout the rule of law just because wehave indulgently sanctified our side of the political divide.

      2. Dear xefron123,
        Thank you very much for the kind words. I am just carrying out my responsibilities as a Malaysian citizen to tell the truth after reading the news on some online newspapers and foreign news. I also feel that there are lots of things that our current government should do and improve but I’m just being fair and not to blame BN and PDRM for Bersih 3.0 riot. The aftermath of Bersih 3.0 and looking at how the opposition leaders failed to accept their responsibilities and blaming others for the things they have done, I wonder if they can become better leaders than our current leaders. It is sad to see people who were being used were too blind to see the truth.
        My 9 year old little brother who was a great fan of DSAI was really frustrated and angry to see how Anwar reacted during and after Bersih 3.0. We were taught of good values, responsibility and integrity; so we do not understand how Bersih organisers, Suhakam, opposition leaders and Bar Council could twist this story again and again without feeling guilty.

  2. were you there AA … why are you lying about things you did not see….everything was peaceful until police started gassing people…peaceful marchers….you are typical BN …just put your side of pictures on the media…LIARS..I was there. Thepolice were the thugs.

    1. Dear crystal,
      Thank you for writing. Yes, I was not there. As the DAP vice-chairman Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz said, by not using the locations offered by the police, the leaders of the rally were “encouraging the people to break the law” – The Star Online (DAP vice-chairman against rally (Update)) 26th April 2012. But, thanks to the internet I can watch a lot of videos from various sources (not only from the goverment channels) of the different angles, time and locations during the demonstration. If I were there I couldn’t be in a few places at the same time so, it would be impossible for me to see all the ‘actions’ during the demonstration. I can only judge on what I see at that time. That is why even the police and Suhakam has to watch the videos in order to take actions even though some of them were at the demonstration.
      I’m just writing my opinion based on what I’ve seen and read as a peaceful loving, free citizen of Malaysia. And I do respect the police force.


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