Photos at the Palace of Justice during the Final Appeal of the ‘Allah’ court case


An assembly was held in front of the Palace of Justice to wait for the decision of the final appeal of the ‘Kalimah Allah’ case. Alhamdulillah, the seven-man panel led by Chief Justice Ariffin Zakaria delivered a majority 4-3 to go against the final appeal made by the Herald’s Weekly to use the Kalimah Allah.

My family and I attended the assembly to show our support to the Muslim lawyers. Here are some photos that I took at the assembly:
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List of Passengers flight MH370/ Senarai penumpang pesawat MH370

MAS Logo

Below is the list of crews and some of the passengers on board of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  The rest of the passengers are from China since the flight was operating as a China Southern Airlines codeshare.

Di bawah adalah senarai anak kapal dan beberapa penumpang pesawat Malaysia Airlines MH370. Penumpang selebihnya dari China kerana penerbangan itu berkongsi kod China Southern Airlines.

Crews/ Krew

1. Fariq Ab. Hamid
2. Zaharie Ahmad Shah
3. Foong Wai Yueng
4. Goh Sock Lay
5. Gomes Patrick Francis
6. Mohd. Hazrin Mohamed Hasnan
7. Junaidi Mohd. Kassim
8. Andrew Nari
9. Ng Yar Chien
10. Tan Ser Kuin
11. Tan Size Hiang
12. Wan Syaid Wan Ismail

Malaysian Airlines Passengers/ Penumpang Malaysian Airlines

Colour Code:

  • RED: Malaysia
  • GOLD: China
  • BLUE: India
  • GREEN: Indonesia
  • BROWN: Australia and New Zealand
  • PURPLE: USA and Canada
  • PINK: Taiwan
  • TEAL: European Countries

1. Anne Catherine Daisy (MYS)
2. Bai Xiaow (CAN)
3. Beherey Usage Waitrelos Laurence Arlet (FRA)
4. Biby Nazli Mohd. Hassim (MYS)
5. Brooskii Nikolath (RUS)
6. Burrows Mary (AUS)
7. Burrows Rooney (AUS)
8. Chan Huan Peen (MYS)
9. Chen Weihoing (MYS)
10. Chew Kar Mooi (MYS)
11. Chng Mei Ling (MYS)
12. Chuang Hsiu Ling (TWN)
13. Chustrak Oleg (UKR)
14. Deineka Sergii (UKR)
15. Dina Mohamed Yunus Ramli (MYS)
16. Gu Naijun (AUS)
17. Guan Hua Jin (MYS)
18. Huang Tianjui (CHN)
19. Hue Pui Heng (MYS)
20. Jee Jing Hang (MYS)
21. Jiang Cuiyun (CHN)
22. Koh Tiong Meng (MYS)
23. Kolekar Chetana Vinod (IND)
24. Kolekar Swanand Vinod (IND)
25. Kolekar Vinod Suresh (IND)
26. Kozel Christian (AUT)
27. Lawton Catherine (AUS)
28. Lawton Robert (AUS)
29. Lee Kah Kin (MYS)
30. Lee Sew Chu (MYS)
31. Li Hongjing (CHN)
32. Li Yuan (AUS)
33. Lim Por Chua (MYS)
34. Lui Ching (CHN)
35. Maraldi Luigi (ITA)
36. Maria Mohamed Yunus Ramli (MYS)
37. Meng Leoinf (USA)
38. Meng Nicole (USA)
39. Mohamad Sofian Ibrahim (MYS)
40. Mohd. Khairul Amril Selamat (MYS)
41. Muhammad Drazahan Zamani (MYS)
42. Mukherjee Muktesh (CAN)
43. Muzi Yusop (MYS)
44. Ng May Li (MYS)
45. Noorida Mohd. Hashim (MYS)
46. Nor Fadzillah Mat Rahim (MYS)
47. Norliakmar Hamid (MYS)
48. Puspanathan Subramaniam (MYS)
49. Ramlan Safuan (MYS)
50. Sharma Chandrika (IND)
51. Shirsath Kranti Pralhad (IND)
52. Sim Keng Wei (MYS)
53. Siregar Firman Chandra (IND)
54. Song Feifei (CHN)
55. Swadaya Ferry Indra (IND)
56. Sugianto Lomr (IND)
57. Suhaili Mustafa (MYS)
58. Surti Dahlia (NLD)
59. Swadaya Ferry Indra (IND)
60. Tan Ah Meng (MYS)
61. Tan Chong Ling (MYS)
62. Tan Sioh Peng (MYS)
63. Tan Steik Hin (MYS)
64. Tan Sei Chew (MYS)
65. Tan Xudong (CHN)
66. Tanurisam Indrasuria (IND)
67. Tee Ling Keong (MYS)
68. Teoh Kim Lun (MYS)
69. Tong Soon Lee (MYS)
70. Vinny Chynthyatiomrs (IDN)
71. Wan Hock Khoon (MYS)
72. Wang Willysurijanto (IDN)
73. Wang Ximin (NZL)
74. Wattrelos Ambre, Caroline, Laurence (FRA)
75. Wattrelos Hadrien, Marc, Pascal (FRA)
76. Weeks Paul (NZL)
77. Wong Sai Sang (MYS)
78. Wood Philipi Talmadge (USA)
79. Yang Jiabao (CHN)
80. Yap Cheemeng (MYS)
81. Zhang Liqin (CHN)
82. Zhao Qi Wei (CHN)
83. Zhao Yan Anne (FRA)


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Photos at the Palace of Justice during the ‘Allah’ court case

At the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya on the 5/3/2014.
At the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya on the 5/3/2014.

Yesterday, 5th March 2014, the hearing for the Kalimah ‘Allah’ court case was held at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. The Federal Court has reserved judgement in the leave application by Catholic weekly Herald to challenge the Home Ministry over the ban on the use of the word “Allah”.

Ibrahim Ali delivering his speech at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya on the 5/3/2014.
Ibrahim Ali delivering his speech at the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya on the 5/3/2014.

An assembly was held by Muslim NGOs during the court hearing to show their stance in the court case. I was also there at the Palace of Justice yesterday, showing my support to our fellow Muslim lawyers to defend the Kalimah ‘Allah’. Below are some pictures of the assembly:

Schumacher in Critical Condition After Skiing Accident

A picture taken on January, 17, 2003 shows Formula One World champion Michael Schumacher holding his skis before a giant salom race in Madonna di Campiglio (AFP Photo)
A picture taken on January, 17, 2003 shows Formula One World champion Michael Schumacher holding his skis before a giant salom race in Madonna di Campiglio (AFP Photo)

Seven times Formula One world champion, Michael Schumacher is in a critical condition following an accident as he was skiing on the French Alps. Doctors said that he is in coma and is suffering a serious brain trauma, which required an immediate neurosurgical operation after undergoing a brain surgery.

Michael Schumacher was skiing on the French Alps with his friends and son when he fell and his head hit a rock. He was airlifted to a local hospital before he was taken to a hospital in the southeastern French city of Grenoble an hour later. A surgeon and brain specialist from Paris was rushed in to oversee his treatment.

Brazilian formula 1 driver, Felipe Massa, tweeted for Schumacher, “I am praying for God to protect you my brother!! I wish you a speedy recovery Michael.”

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Gay Rights Group Calls for a Boycott to an Italian Pasta Company

I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role

Those are the words which came out of 55-year old Guido Barilla, chairman of the world’s leading pasta manufacturer, during an interview with Radio 24 on Wednesday.


Barilla – one of the best known pasta brands around the world – is one of Italy's biggest advertisers, and for many years has used the image of a happy family living in an idealized version of the Italian countryside, with the slogan: "Where there's Barilla, there's home".

Read full report here.

As Aurelio Mancuso, head of gay rights group Equality Italia, said Barilla’s comments were an “offensive provocation” and called for a boycott of the company’s pasta, sauces and snacks. Then we will buy Barilla’s pasta as a sign of support to his statement.

Keputusan Perbicaraan Penggunaan Nama Allah

Perbicaraan kes penggunan nama Allah pada hari ini telah selesai.

Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan memutuskan untuk menangguhkan keputusan perbicaraan hari ini ke satu tarikh yang akan diberitahu kelak, seawalnya pada bulan Oktober.

Keputusan itu diambil oleh tiga panel hakim yang diketuai Datuk Seri Mohamed Apandi Ali yang bersidang bersama Datuk Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim dan Datuk Mohamad Zawawi Salleh yang mendengar rayuan pihak kerajaan hari ini.

“Keputusan tidak akan masa mengambil kira keprihatanan rakyat terhadap isu ini. Keputusan dijangka diumum seawalnya pada Oktober,” kata Mohamed Apandi sebaik mendengar hujah pihak kerajaan dan Herald.

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Malaysian Court of Appeal Dismissed Church Application On Allah Issue

Alhamdulillah, the Malaysian Court of Appeal rules that the church application to strike out the government’s appeal against a High Court rulling that allowed a Catholic weekly newspaper, Herald to use the word ‘Allah’ is dismissed.

Substantive appeal will be held on 10th September 2013.

Held at the Palace of Justice court complex, the three-person panel lead by Justice Abu Samah Nordin, and including Justices Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim and Rohana Yusuf, were hearing submissions by the Church, Government and the Islamic religious councils from the states of Terengganu, Selangor, Kedah, Johor, Wilayah Persekutuan and Malacca, which were made intervener in the suit.