New Hebrides

The Flags of (right) France and (left) United Kingdom


  New Herides is the colonial name of an island group. It is located at the South Pacific Ocean (near Australia). New Hebrides was colonized by both the British and French in the 18th century, shortly after Captain James Cook visited the islands. The two countries eventually signed an agreement on making the islands an Anglo-French condominium which lasted from 1906 until 1980 (when they gained independence). On the 30th of July1980, the New Hebrides gained independence from the British and French. The Condominium divided the New Hebrides into two separate communities – one Anglophone and one Francophone. Today, New Hebrides is known as Vanuatu – its new name after gaining their independence.

The Flag of Vanuatu

Bonus facts:

  • The population in Vanuatu (estimated on 2010) is 246,000.
  • Port Vila is the biggest and also the capital city of Vanuatu.
  • The languages spoken in Vanuatu are Bislama, English and also French.
  • Cold War is the Historical Era in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu).
  • The currency of Vanuatu is the ‘New Hebrides Franc’.
The Map of the New Hebrides islands (Vanuatu)


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