A Stamp Exhibition At Muzium Negara

The Muzium Negara...

Last Thursday, my family and I went to the Muzium Negara (Nationa Muzium), Kuala Lumpur for the ‘Pameran Setem 1 Malaysia Satu Dunia’ (1 Malaysia 1 World Stamp Exhibition). The stamp exhibition started on the 15th December, 2010 until the 15th March, 2011. The exhibition is divided into three themes which are:

  1. (15/12/2010 – 14/1/2011) – Jiwa Muda (Youth at Heart)
  2. (15/1 /2011 – 14/2/2011) – Keindahan Flora dan Fauna (Beauty of Flora and Fauna )
  3. (15/2 /2011 – 15/3/2011) – Mengenali Dunia (Knowing the World)

We arrived at the Muzium Negara at about 10.00 a.m. After buying our tickets at the ticket booth, we went inside the exhibition hall. As I went in, I was amazed to see the beautiful stamps of all colours, shapes and sizes. There were old stamps as well as the new ones. I felt very excited when I saw the old stamps as in my mother’s collection are also exhibited. Those stamps were given to my mother by our great grandfather, Haji Ya’acob bin Abdullah Al-Yunani when my mother was about 8 years old.

The View of the Exhibition Hall with Stamps everywhere...

There were lots of beautiful stamps from all over the world at the exhibition. Also exhibited, were an old postman’s bicycle, an old letterbox, an old weighing scale (which was used to weigh letters) and a lot more other fascinating stuffs. I also learned some interesting facts about orchids; one of them is that orchids had existed since a very, very, very long time ago. My favourite stamps were the ‘butterfly stamps’ that were used as postage stamps in the early 70s. My mother have a few sets of the beautiful ‘butterfly stamps’ which were part of the stamps given to her by my great grandfather.

Me with The Old Postman's Bicycle...

After that, we bought some stamps. I bought some very old stamps for my collection as I love them because they are very special and rare. We left the Muzium Negara at around 1.30 p.m. I really, really enjoyed the stamp exhibition. I really wish that I can go to more stamp exhibitions in the future.

Choosing the Stamps to buy...

By the way, there will be a stamp fair next month in Petaling Jaya but of course, most of the stamp fans around Kuala Lumpur must have known about it…

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