Sembang Santai: Home Schooling


On the 10th day of January 2015, our family were invited by KAM to share our experience of home-schooling in “Sembang Santai: Home Schooling”.

The moderator introducing my father and inviting him to the stage.
My father delivering his speech.
The participants listening intently to my father as he talked about home-schooling.



My little brother, Ahmad Ali, was invited to deliver a speech on whatever topic he feels comfortable with. He decided to deliver a speech on the Freedom of Speech in Malaysia by the context of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia 😀


Ali close up1
“Empat perkara yang tidak boleh disentuh…”
It was the first time ever I watched my mother giving a speech in public 😀


Halfway through the event, my siblings and I sang a song called “Alhamdulillah”.

Ali Rock Anisah Tree Me Person

We also sang “The Khalifah Song” which talks about being a good Khalifah of Allah.

My siblings and I sang “The Khalifah Song”.
A wonderful qasidah performance by their students from Terengganu.

Some of the participants directed their questions to my little brother and my elder sister. I watched with pride as they took the stage with confidence and answered the questions without wavering.


Ali close up

Kakak 2
My elder sister was answering to a question which was directed to her.


When my father suddenly called me up to share my thoughts on home-schooling, my heart shot out of my chest and thumped rapidly in my head because I have not prepared myself for any kind of speeches. I tried my best to share my thoughts on why I think home-schooling does not affects a person’s socialising and confidence skills.

I was called up to give a talk… spontaneously….

The round of applause I received was very rewarding since I know that I did quite well.


After dismissal, we spent time chatting, sharing thoughts and also posing for pictures. The participants were very friendly and it was really fun to talk with them. Spending time with the nice and polite students was very pleasant too. They were also very thoughtful at the same time.

After dismissal, the audience spent time chatting, sharing thoughts and also posing for pictures. Some of them also took the opportunity to film the scene.

Attending the event gave a really great experience for all of us and I am so happy, thankful and feel very much honoured to take part in the event.

The ever famous young blogger posing for a photo with some of the audience.

Thank you to KAM for inviting our family to the event which we will surely treasure in our memories.



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