Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru

On the 2nd day of Ramadhan 1432 H, my family and I went to our favourite place to buy bubur lambuk… ‘Bubur Lambuk Kak Sham’ in Kampung Baru. The bubur bambuk at Aunty Sham’s stall are cooked by Aunty Sham who is a good friend of my mother. The stall sells the best and the tastiest bubur lambuk in Kuala Lumpur.

Driving along Kampung Baru during this holy month, we will be be greeted by bubur lambuk stalls on both sides of the road. But some may not be very tasty and there are others that does not taste like bubur lambuk at all. So, if you are wondering how tasty the famous bubur lambuk from Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru is but do not have the time to join the very long queue for the free bubur lambuk, just drop by at Aunty Sham’s stall. Aunty Sham and her family are some of the main chef cooking the bubur lambuk year after year at the mosque.

Here are some pictures that my father took:

Aunty Sham stirring the BIG pot of the extremely tasty Bubur Lambuk...
Aunty Sham allowed my little sister and I to stir the BIG pot of Bubur Lambuk! Isn't that grand!
Aunty Sham also allowed my sister to stir the BIG pot of Bubur Lambuk!
The BIG pots with Bubur Lambuk.
The unbeatable Bubur Lambuk...
The packed Bubur Lambuk...
Aunty Sham's stall's banting.
Aunty Sham's stall is located infront of the Al-islam Specialist Hospital...

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