Yesterday’s Solar Eclipse

There was a solar eclipse yesterday. I live in Malaysia so I was hoping to see a partial solar eclipse. My father said that if you live in Malaysia, it is best to see it if you are in Langkawi. My little brother, Ahmad Ali keeps on asking my mother to go to Langkawi but we didn’t went there. We search for the sun to look at the solar eclipse. We wanted using a mirror to see the reflection of the Solar Eclipse on the wall as we can’t look at the Sun directly with naked eyes. click here to learn ways to look at the Sun safely. We used a bowl of water to see the solar eclipse before. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy. We can’t even see the Sun. But I hope you did see the Solar Eclipse.

Here’s some facts about solar eclipse:

  • A partial solar eclipse is when the moon covers only a part of the sun.
  • An annular solar eclipse is when the moon blocks the whole sun and the sunlight is blocked so, it’ll be very dark.

Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday?

Here’s some pictures of partial and annular solar eclipse.  Note: The pictures are not the pictures of yesterday’s solar eclipse:

Partial Solar Eclipse
Annular Solar Eclipse

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