AMoT Book Launch

On the 1st of May 2011, my family and I attended the book launch of’ ‘A Map of Trengganu’. The event was held at the RA Fine Arts-The Gallery. AMoT (A Map of Trengganu) is the latest book that Awang Goneng wrote. It is a very wonderful book and I must say that Uncle Awang Goneng is a very, very good writer.

I was listening to Uncle Awang Goneng's speech
Uncle Awang Goneng was reading a chapter from the book during the launch

At the book launch, Uncle Awang Goneng gave a wonderful and very informative speech on the book and also about writing. He then read a chapter from ‘AMoT ‘, ‘Earth’s Trembling Barbarism’ , which is one of my favourite chapters. By the way, I really enjoyed the delicious Terengganu food (such as the Akök) which were prepared by Aunty Asma who is Uncle Awang Goneng’s sister.

Aunty Asma (the one who prepared all of the tasty treats) was serving the food on the table

Looking at the table where Uncle Awang Goneng signed the books, I saw something that I guess were four ‘buöh gömök’. Asking  Pök Daud if those were  ‘buöh gömök’, I was very excited because my guess was right – they really are ‘buöh gömök’. Actually those ‘buöh gömök’ were brought to Kuala Lumpur by Pök Daud from Kuala Terengganu. I am now very happy because I was able to recognise  the ‘buöh gömök’ from what I read in AMot the moment I saw them.

The four Buoh Gomok that I saw on the table

Before we went back home, I took the chance to ask Uncle Awang Goneng how did he manage to write such an interesting story and some tips on writing. However I hope that I can meet Uncle Awang Goneng again because I forgot to ask him one more question on writing a story. I really enjoyed myself at the book launch yesterday.

I was asking Uncle Awang Goneng how did he manage to write such an interesting story and some tips on writing
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