The Need of Halal Kopitiam is man-made – A Tweet by Ngeh Koo Ham

After humiliating the Muslims by tweeting,

Khairy wants protest against Sam Bacile. For Islam or for his political gains? Are Muslims wasting too much time & energy on this?

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DAP’s Ngeh Koo Ham humiliated the Muslims again by tweeting that Muslims do not need any halal certificates and halal is man-made after questioned by Pemuda UMNO’s Armand Azha through his tweeter, “why ur white coffee without halal?”  Armand Azha was referring to the Old Town White Coffee, a popular kopitiam that was said to be partly owned by Ngeh.

Ngeh tweeted back that it was the first time he heard coffee must be halal. He even tweeted that the people (Muslims) had been creating laws which are a burden and that god had given us freedom and other countries do not have halal certificates!

After reading this statement by Ngeh, I looked for a verse in the holy Quran to prove that Allah did ask us to eat only foods that are halal and toyyibah. I found a few verses but I think the one below is the best. Surah Al-Maidah, Verse number 3 (5:3):

Prohibited to you are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah , and [those animals] killed by strangling or by a violent blow or by a head-long fall or by the goring of horns, and those from which a wild animal has eaten, except what you [are able to] slaughter [before its death], and those which are sacrificed on stone altars, and [prohibited is] that you seek decision through divining arrows. That is grave disobedience. This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion. But whoever is forced by severe hunger with no inclination to sin – then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

He later denied the rumours that he owns the ‘kopitiam’ saying that (Armand Azha) can’t libel that the ‘kopitiam’ is owned by him. But in the first place, why didn’t he deny from the beginning when Armand Azha asked, “why ur white coffee without halal?” ? He seemed to understand the question well and answered that Muslims do not need halal certificates and halal is just man-made. Could he own the ‘kopitiam’?

I wonder what will PAS say about this…

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