NaPoWriMo: Poem #8, A Little More About Us

I wrote this poem as a comment to my sister’s poem, NaPoWriMo Poem #7: Siblings.

While Ali have a nick in living up stories,
Anisah sends us to the world of fantasies,
Poems are things Kaman sure can handle,
I prefer to spend my time solving puzzles.

Kaman prefers a good country beat,
Fah likes it when she can goes strumming to the beat,
While Ali would like a catchy song to sing,
Jazz and country rock sure is my thing.

NaPoWriMo: Poem #7, Clover and My Petunia Plant

I was eating my third,
Serving of bean curd.
When a merry tune was heard.
Of a little hummingbird.

I peeked through the curtain.
And saw her in my garden.
Where there was a pot of Petunias.
And also some Begonias.

She perched on a flower,
Which was white with streaks of purple.
There she sang even louder,
Awaking my cat, Clover.

Clover begin to chase,
The little bird in a haste.
Despite my cries of “STOP!”
Clover ran into the pot.

She tumbled as she pounced,
And hit my pot with a bounce.
“My Petunias!” I cried,
As Clover crouched down terrified.

Clover and my Petunias.
Clover and my Petunias.

I don’t actually have a cat named Clover. In the photo above is Apricot, the elder brother of the three cute kittens in my previous poem, My Cute Prixs. Apricot is a very nice and witty cat. Clover however is inspired by Apricot the fact that when he realise that he had done something wrong, it will crouch down– ready to be scolded.

NaPoWriMo: Poem #6, Days of Spring

Sunshine on the water,
Reflecting into my eyes,
Glitters like fairy dusts,
Sparkles like diamonds.

Sunray peeks through the clouds,
Reaching for the green grass,
Drying up the damp mud,
Blooming the bougainvilleas.

Oh, how lovely it is,
In the season of Spring.
To run around the field,
Is what I’ve always been dreaming.

Bougainvilleas in my garden.
Bougainvilleas in my garden.

NaPoWriMo: Poem #5, My Mind Won’t Crack a Wheel

My mind won’t crack a wheel,
My hands are frozen stiff.
My imagination won’t reveal,
My sentences are in a rift.

“I need to write a poem!”
The words keep shouting at me.
I hear the clock ticking,
As I lied down helplessly.

I couldn’t get a word.
I couldn’t get a phrase.
The pressure keeps on,
Slapping at my face.

Staring back at my book,
Scribbled with ink of black shade.
With an excited look,
It’s a poem I said.

NaPoWriMo: Poem #4, The Kids in Mr. Steve’s Office

I wrote this poem as a comment to my sister’s poem, Mr. Steve and Little P. You might want to read that first before reading my poem.

The kids had actually invaded his office you see
Because of the naughty Muffin and of course, Little P
They said that Mr. Steve wont mind if they want to see
The super cool telescope at the edge of the balcony

When indeed the balcony is never a safe place
For they will end up having a mad game of chase
For it have no walls and no railings to hold
Four naughty children who Mr. Steve can’t control

NaPoWriMo: Poem #3, How Can I Make Up Your Day?

Happy, sad?
Friendly, mad?
How are you feeling today?

How can I make up your day?

You’re jealous,
Or curious?
Put all of your spites away.

Feel hopeful.
And grateful!
Then have a bright sunny day!

How are you feeling today?
How are you feeling today?

NaPoWriMo: Poem #2, My Cute Prixs

Here are the new Prixs,

There’s one, two and three.

Asleep by their mummy,

Her name is Primi.

A happy family <3
A happy family ❤

This is Mat Ghani,

Eldest of the Prix.

Indeed he’s happy,

Feeling so jumpy!

Mat Kool Ghani feeling jumpy!
Mat Kool Ghani feeling jumpy!

Here comes little Dates,

Popping from the gates.

To a land so great,

Where the fun awaits.

Dear Dates from the gates.
Dear Dates from the gates.

Lastly is Football,

Or Gotcha Football.

Sitting by the wall,

Waiting for a ball.

Gotcha Football by the wall.
Gotcha Football by the wall.

And such cute kittens they are!

NaPoWriMo: Poem #1, Falling Rocks

My little brother, told us that WordPress organised an event called NaPoWriMo where we have to write a poem a day, everyday on April. We decided to join the event to practice our poetry skills. Unfortunate for me though, I knew about the NaPoWriMo on the second day of April which means, I won’t be able to write a poem a day…

After spending a long time in front of the computer, wondering what poem should I write with the deafening sound of the renovation going on at a neighbouring house, the only lines that could get into my head were:

Bricks and blocks,
Crash and clang.
Round the clock,
Hammers bang.

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