Why are there double “L”s ?

If you open the Google’s website below is what you’ll see:



Because it’s Google‘s 11th Birthday! And now I know that I’m older than Google. I’m still 11 and will turn 12 this November 6th .

How Did I Know About It.

At first I switched on the laptop and as usual Google‘s website will pop up first as Google is my homepage. But when I look I was surprised to see that there was double “l”s. I thought something has gone wrong with my eye but when I look again, I realized that there was really double “l”s. So I coursed my mouse to the “Googlle” and it says there: … Google‘s 11th birthday. I was so excited that I went and asked my sister  to switch on the Google and my sister was surprised too. And then I told her about it. Immediately after I told my sister, I post about it here. And that was exactly what had happen.

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