Buying Keropok Lekor

Yesterday, I went to a Keropok Lekor shop in Bukit Tokbeng, Terenganu . On the way we went on the longest bridge in the east coast of West Malaysia.

I saw two women rolling the Keropok Lekor dough using machines. Usually I see people rolling the dough using hands. Rolling the Keropok Lekor dough using hands will make the Keropok looks nicer and tastier. The Keropok Lekor shop also sells fish crackers.

We have to queue to buy the Keropok Lekor. I love the outer layer of the Keropok Lekor.

Today, I went to another Keropok Lekor shop. This shop sells the original Keropok Lekor. They were rolled using hands. It was very delicious.

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