Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru

Ramadhan is not complete without Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru. Though there are a lot of stalls selling Bubur Lambuk claiming that it is the original one; there’s only one place where you can find the really original Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru apart from the Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru … ‘Bubur Lambuk Warisan Kampung Baru’. Cooked by the famous Kak Sham, no one can beat her in cooking the Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru…

Tens of packets of the famous Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru.
My little brother (second from right) and I (right) were looking at Aunty Sham while she packs some fresh and hot Bubur Lambuk.

Here’s how to get there:

Click for a clearer image…
The stall (with a red canopy) is the second stall from the right, located on the opposite side of the Al-Islam Specialist Hospital (AISH)

So if you love to have Bubur Lambuk for iftar like I do, please try the delicious Bubur Lambuk Warisan Kampung Baru today… Even though Kampung Baru is packed with Bubur Lambuk sellers during Ramadhan, we have stop buying from other stalls even when Aunty Sham’s Bubur Lambuk is sold out because none of the bubur that we had tried can match Aunty Sham’s.

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