AMoT Book Launch

On the 1st of May 2011, my family and I attended the book launch of’ ‘A Map of Trengganu’. The event was held at the RA Fine Arts-The Gallery. AMoT (A Map of Trengganu) is the latest book that Awang Goneng wrote. It is a very wonderful book and I must say that Uncle Awang Goneng is a very, very good writer.

I was listening to Uncle Awang Goneng's speech
Uncle Awang Goneng was reading a chapter from the book during the launch

At the book launch, Uncle Awang Goneng gave a wonderful and very informative speech on the book and also about writing. He then read a chapter from ‘AMoT ‘, ‘Earth’s Trembling Barbarism’ , which is one of my favourite chapters. By the way, I really enjoyed the delicious Terengganu food (such as the Akök) which were prepared by Aunty Asma who is Uncle Awang Goneng’s sister.

Aunty Asma (the one who prepared all of the tasty treats) was serving the food on the table

Looking at the table where Uncle Awang Goneng signed the books, I saw something that I guess were four ‘buöh gömök’. Asking  Pök Daud if those were  ‘buöh gömök’, I was very excited because my guess was right – they really are ‘buöh gömök’. Actually those ‘buöh gömök’ were brought to Kuala Lumpur by Pök Daud from Kuala Terengganu. I am now very happy because I was able to recognise  the ‘buöh gömök’ from what I read in AMot the moment I saw them.

The four Buoh Gomok that I saw on the table

Before we went back home, I took the chance to ask Uncle Awang Goneng how did he manage to write such an interesting story and some tips on writing. However I hope that I can meet Uncle Awang Goneng again because I forgot to ask him one more question on writing a story. I really enjoyed myself at the book launch yesterday.

I was asking Uncle Awang Goneng how did he manage to write such an interesting story and some tips on writing

AMoT’s Book Signing

AMoT (A Map of Trengganu) is a new book that Awang Goneng wrote. Yesterday, I went to the book’s book signing program which took place in the MPH Bookstore in Mid Valley.

Uncle Awang Goneng gave a wonderful and very informative speech on the book and also about writing and how to write. Over there, we met some of my father’s old friends. There was a very long Que because lots of people wanted Awang Goneng to sign their books. I also met the Malaysia’s ‘Sasterawan Negara’, A. Samad Said. AMoT is a very wonderfully written book and I must say that Uncle Awang Goneng must be a very, very good writer.

A Map of Trengganu

The sequel to the best seller, ‘Growing Up in Trengganu’ (GUiT) is finally out! The tittle of the new book is ‘A Map of Trengganu’. Both books were written by Awang Goneng.

In this new book, Uncle Awang Goneng wrote about the lovely town of Kuala Trengganu that had once existed and its people.  The book also talks about the landmarks that are still standing and those that had fallen to rubble at the hands of developers like the Jang Besör (Jam Besar – The Big Clock), the mosque near my mother’s house and the rows of shop houses in Kedai Payang.

Uncle Awang Goneng’s new book is as interesting and fun as its prequel (GUiT). “A beautiful book, very well written”,  praised Frederick Lees the author of Fool’s Gold, The Arthuriad, The Rape of Rye and many other books.

The first shipment had just arrived in Kuala Lumpur, and those few who received their copies from the Pizzaman yesterday, are the lucky few to be among the first to have the book in their hand in the WORLD!

The books had just arrived from Singapore, so there’s a big possibility that they have not reached the bookshops yet but if you really can’t wait to read it or to save you the trouble of searching for the book, you can order a copy from the Pizzaman by; call/sms 019-3199-788 or email at The Pizzaman can send it straight to your doorsteps. So hurry and order your copy now!

Information on the delivery from the Pizzaman’s blog:

RM35.90 a copy

Minimal delivery charges may apply (that is to for my petrol and of course save you on the time, parking and petrol too)

Those who still wants the GUiT – yes still available. Same price still RM39.90

The Writing Minds

This morning,  there was a program called ‘The Writing Minds’ at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). It started early in the morning. I estimated that there was about 15 to staffs at the program. Unfortunately, my family and I came late. We arrived at 2.00p.m. Even though I came late, I learned a lot.

In the program, Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi (known as Awang Goneng) thought about how to write. One of the things he thought was the definition of -Palindrome which means: A word that sound the same when you read it in both ways.                                                                                                                          He also gave us 10 good tips on how to write. It is to:

  1. Always lead a sentence with your main ideas.
  2. Vally the length of your sentence.
  3. Never put your main idea in the middle.
  4. Vally the structure of your sentence.
  5. Use active verbs.
  6. Use specific nouns and verbs.
  7. Cut the clutter.
  8. Read aloud when you revise.
  9. Do not edit your work directly after you write your (Article, Post, Story, etc.).
  10. Use a dictionary.

* If you don’t understand the tips you can ask in a form of comment.

There was one thing that Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi always reminded us, it is to NEVER BE SCARED TO USE A DICTIONARY EVEN THOUGH OU THINK THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD.

After the program ended, I went to Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi to ask for his signature and wrote a little message in my autograph, followed by my elder sister, my little brother and my little sister. I really enjoyed the program. I also learned a lot even though I came late, but I wished I had came earlier so that I can learn even more then what I had learned. I really wished I had came earlier. I hope Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi can come again to Malaysia as he now lives in London. He had once returned to his hometown at Terengganu on the 25th of of December 2007 when he organized a program called Monsoon Cuppa at my grandmother’s shop ‘Alam Akademik’ as he launched his book, ‘Growing Up In Trengganu’. Thanks for the knowledge Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi. I hope I can use them in the future.Click here to go to Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi’s blog.

Eid without my grandfather

I thought this year’s Eid will be great but instead it went the other way around. At first, I thought my grandfather (on my mother’s side) is coming back to Terengganu. He is in Kuala Lumpur because he had an appoinment with his doctor. Two days before Eid my mother got a call from my aunt saying that my grandparents (on my mother’s side) is not coming back to Terengganu for Eid. By that time I was already at Kuala Terengganu.

Another reason that made me sad was my favourite granduncle (Tok Teh Zaki) had just passed away last December (2007) a few days before the Monsoon Cuppa (the launching of a book entitled Growing Up in Trengganu by Awang Goneng at my grandmother’s shop Alam Akademik. He is special to me because he always calls me princess. He was like my own paternal grandfather because my father’s father had passed away before I was born – and he is my paternal grandfather only brother.

My father's father's only brother (Allahyarham Zaki Ismail)

My mother’s father is my favourite person because as long as I can remember if my parents are not around, he will be the person who takes care of me. Now, I am worried as my grandfather had been waded for 3 months. Before this he had been waded once on 2006 but it wasn’t as bad. Now my goal is to make my grandfather happy and proud of me. I want to spend most of the time with my grandfather.

My grandfather carrying me when I was less than a year old

Eid this year really dosen’t feels like Eid even though I’ve been to almost all of my relatives’ house.

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