Bo La Wei

‘Bo La Wei’ is a beautiful song which is written in ‘Kelantan slang’. In English, ‘Bo La Wei’ means ‘That’s Enough’. In this song, the singer pleads to the Kelantanese to realise that Kelantan had faced enough problems and it is time for them to change their minds and vote for the party which is more able to rule Kelantan.

The composer of this song, Eddie Hamid, had been threatened by the opposition for composing the song because PAS which is a part of the opposition is the current party which is ruling Kelantan. Eddie Hamid said that he is not afraid of the threats and that he is fighting for the right thing.

I think the opposition is afraid that the Kelantanese will finally see the truth and that the Kelantanese will not vote for them during this coming election.

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