My school

I study in Zaytuna Elementary School. It is an Islamic school. There are seven teachers teaching in my school.

The school starts at 8:15 a.m. and finishes at 4:00 p.m. There are only two classes in my school.

We did plays, puppet shows, make interesting projects, have silat classes and many other interesting classes.

We have our school pets. Their names are Olive (the mother), Oliver (the father) and Zaytunna (the baby). They are bats. I really like my school.

Eid without my grandfather

I thought this year’s Eid will be great but instead it went the other way around. At first, I thought my grandfather (on my mother’s side) is coming back to Terengganu. He is in Kuala Lumpur because he had an appoinment with his doctor. Two days before Eid my mother got a call from my aunt saying that my grandparents (on my mother’s side) is not coming back to Terengganu for Eid. By that time I was already at Kuala Terengganu.

Another reason that made me sad was my favourite granduncle (Tok Teh Zaki) had just passed away last December (2007) a few days before the Monsoon Cuppa (the launching of a book entitled Growing Up in Trengganu by Awang Goneng at my grandmother’s shop Alam Akademik. He is special to me because he always calls me princess. He was like my own paternal grandfather because my father’s father had passed away before I was born – and he is my paternal grandfather only brother.

My father's father's only brother (Allahyarham Zaki Ismail)

My mother’s father is my favourite person because as long as I can remember if my parents are not around, he will be the person who takes care of me. Now, I am worried as my grandfather had been waded for 3 months. Before this he had been waded once on 2006 but it wasn’t as bad. Now my goal is to make my grandfather happy and proud of me. I want to spend most of the time with my grandfather.

My grandfather carrying me when I was less than a year old

Eid this year really dosen’t feels like Eid even though I’ve been to almost all of my relatives’ house.

My hobby

I have a lot of hobbies and one of them is coin collecting. I started collecting coins this year but now I wish that I had collected coins since I was small. If I did, I would already have a lot of them. Now I have the 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s and also the 1960’s. I find collecting coins fun. You will understand.

My Favourite Food

My favourite food is chili con carne. It is a Mexican food. I eat chili con carne with French loaf and butter. The late Brother Muhammad Al Mahdi said that my mother’s chili is the best chili con carne out of Texas. I also like other hot and spicy food but most of all, I love chili con carne.

My Silat Practice In Ramadhan

I learn silat in school. Silat is a kind of traditional Malay martial art. Usually I have silat practice every Thursday. We still practice Silat in Ramadhan but instead of Thursday, we now have our Silat practice on Tuesday. The schedule was changed so that we could go home early to get ready for Iftar.

Sparing with my younger sister, Anisah
Sparing with my younger sister, Anisah

The first time we practiced Silat in Ramadhan I felt okay and not thirsty at all even though I was fasting. I felt thank full that I didn’t feel thirsty at all.

The second time I felt the same as how I felt on the first time I practiced even though we practiced longer. We really exercised and learned a lot even though we were fasting.

The next time I practice my Silat skills while fasting I am going to make sure that I can do it.

My Mother, The Best Cook

My mother is a housewife. So, she stays at home. If only you can taste my mother’s delicious cooking you will know how delicious it is. I can’t put in words how delicious it is because it is so delicious. Last Wednesday, my mother cooked pasta with a pot full of delicious homemade chicken balls soup with Californian celery, Italian tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. It was so delicious that I just can’t stop eating. I Iove the soft and tasty meat balls and the soup is tasty too. A few times I brought breakfast that my mother made from home to my school. My friend said that everything that my mother cooks will always be the best. Now my big sister starts to cook. She made tasty cheese toast using  butter, cheese, pepper and bread. I wonder what my sister will cook next.