Aeshah Adlina’s Weblog’s 5th Anniversary

Wordpress anniversary

A great thank you to all of my loyal readers who had been following my blog. It had been a long journey in blogging. I would also like to thank Uncle Awang Goneng for inspiring me to write; may it be writing fictions or non-fictions. And most of all, I would like to thank my father who had inspired my life since I was small.

My Favourite Doughnuts from Dunkin’ Dounts

Doughnuts 2

I love doughnuts and I love Dunkin’ Donuts. Among my favourite doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts are the Double Chocolate Cake, Crunchy Chocolate and Black Forest doughnuts. Here are some photos of the doughnuts:

1/8 of a Crunchy Chocolate Doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts
1/8 of a Crunchy Chocolate Doughnut from Dunkin’ Donuts
1/8 of a Black Forest Doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts.
1/8 of a Black Forest Doughnut from Dunkin’ Donuts.
1/8 of a Double Chocolate Cake Doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts.
1/8 of a Double Chocolate Cake Doughnut from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Doughnuts 1

A Visit to IKIM’s Radio Station

Yesterday, my family and I went to IKIM’s office because my father was to be aired on IKIM Fm.

The path to the Radio IKIM’s office.
As we were heading to the Radio IKIM’s office, we passed this elegant water fountain. Unfortunately, no water ‘fountained’ out…

It was a very exciting trip. We were allowed to sit at a place where we can see the radio interview.

Before the interview, we met Aunty Siti and Uncle Sufian (Radio IKIM’s DJs) who interviewed my father that morning.
From left: Uncle Sufian (my little brother is in front of him), me, my little sister and Aunty Siti.

I feel very grateful to get the opportunity to visit the radio station as not many have the experience.

A picture of me at the main entrance of IKIM’s office.

Another Great Time with the first Archaeologist I met

Last week, our family and I went to the Islamic Arts Museum to fetch our friend, Rupert Mann the Archaeologist who came from Australia. The last time we met him was eight months ago and we missed him very much.

He gave us lots of beautiful stamps from all around the world. They were very beautiful. He also gave us a very nice card.

We were engrossed with the stamps…
From left is: My mother, me, my elder sister, my little brother and Rupert

We sent him to the hotel where he was staying. My little brother, Ahmad Ali gave Rupert the novel that he wrote titled, ‘The Calovinia’.

My little brother and Rupert with the signed copy of The Calovinia- A book written by Ahmad Ali. They were both wearing their favourite hats.

Rupert is a very nice and polite man and is a wonderful person to be with. I really hope that he will have a safe hiking trip. I also wish that we can meet him again.

A Visit to TV Al-Hijrah’s Studio

As my father was going to be aired in TV Al-Hijrah’s morning show, Assalamualaikum, we went to the TV Al-Hijrah’s studio on the 13th October 2012. This was the first time we went to a TV station and we were excited to learn more about the recording process of the show.

My little brother and I at the TV Al-Hijrah’s Studio…

My little brother and I took the opportunity to take a look at the studio where they recorded the show. But we can only stay there for a short time because the show was recorded live.

A picture taken by my little brother of the studio where they record the show.
My father was aired in the TV in the morning show Assalamualaikum in TV Al-Hijrah.

We met Aunty Farah Adeeba and Abang Amin Idris. They were the ones who interviewed my father during the show and they were very nice and friendly.

Abang Amin Idris and my little brother…
From left: My eldest sister, my little sister, my little brother, Aunty Farah and me.

I feel very grateful to had the chance to see how they recorded the show.

We met…

Yesterday, we attended a wedding reception of my father’s friend, Dr. Ishak b Hj. Mas’ud’s son at the German-Malaysian Institute (GMI). Dr. Ishak is a Gastroenterology and the director of Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital, AiSH (formerly known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre).

As we went out from our car, a familiar voice called out, “Assalamualaikum!” from behind us. We turned around and realised that it was Dr. Khairul, our pediatrician! He was one of the pediatricians at Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital (or formerly known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre) since I was a little girl.

A photo of: (from left) Ahmad Ali(my little brother), my father and me with Dr. Khairul…

I was once warded at Kampung Baru Medical Centre because of food poisoning. I drew a thank you note which he pasted on the wall of his clinic at AiSH. He is now working at An-Nur Specialist Hospital.

The thank you note which I gave to Dr. Khairul

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee stamps launch in Malaysia

I received a comment from Shamsul Ismin who submitted a story to Demotix. He gave me this link: . It had a picture of my mother pasting a miniature sheet on her first day cover and me looking on.

Here is the article by Shamsul Ismin:

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Pos Malaysia launched its latest series of stamps in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and to commemorate the royal visit of Britain’s Prince William, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Pos Malaysia launched its latest series of stamps in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and to commemorate the royal visit of Britain’s Prince William, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to Malaysia from Sept 13 to 15, 2012.

The stamps feature two designs, both of which are bordered with silver ink.

One features a “stamp on stamp” design, with an older stamp released on June 2, 1953 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in the centre and the other features a photograph of Prince William and Kate Middleton to commemorate their visit. The stamps cost RM1.50 each.

Folders and first-day covers without stamps are sold at RM5.50 and 50 sen each, respectively.Full sheets of ten stamps each can be purchased for RM15 at all Pos Malaysia outlets while stocks last.Two first-day cover designs is available for sale, the first is at RM3.50 featuring the two stamps, while the other, with a miniature sheet of stamps, at RM2.50 each.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Catherine, arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) here today to begin their four-day official visit. The royal couple are on their second stop of a nine-day tour of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee. Malaysia is their second destination after Singapore.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also expected to have an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah, and attend a royal dinner at Istana Negara.

They are scheduled to leave for Solomon Islands on Sunday, to proceed with their tour

The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II Stamps: The Four Long Hours of Queueing

Earlier this morning, my family and I left our house to go to the launching of the latest stamps issued, The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at Kuala Lumpur main post office in Dayabumi Complex. Please click here for more information about the stamps.

We arrived around 8:30am and were surprised to see an extremely long queue of people waiting to buy The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. My little sister, Anisah fainted while waiting and so she took a seat in the Stamp Gallery. While waiting for our turn, we made friends with three friendly people who shared lots of interesting facts on stamps.

The Extremely long queue
It started from here…
…to here…
…over here…
…and here…
…reaching here…(my family and I are on the left side of the picture)
…and ended here… Wow!

They opened a special counter for senior citizens so that the old people won’t have to line up in the extremely long queue.

The special counter opened for senior citizens…
Some of the senior citizens took a seat while waiting for their turn

After almost 4 long hours queuing, it is finally our turn to buy the stamps. Unfortunately, the stamp sheets were sold out and only loose ones were available.

Just around five minutes after we bought our stamps, the POS Malaysia staffs put up a few posters notifying that the folder were sold out. We were lucky that we had already bought ours.


They also have a special counter where we can buy the First Day Covers. After buying the first day covers, we pasted the stamps onto them.

Pasting stamps on first day covers. We even need to queue to paste the stamps…

Then we had to queue in another line to get our first day covers and folders stamped.

The counter where we can get our first day covers stamped
One of the staffs at POS Malaysia stamping a first day cover with miniature sheet

At about 1:10 pm, new stock of stamp sheets arrived.

Luckily, we managed to buy the stamp sheets

My heels and ankles are aching now after the 4 long hours of standing 😉

Blogger sparks uproar

This afternoon, my mother showed me an article in The Star entitled, Blogger sparks uproar. As I read through the article, I was surprised and excited to see my name mentioned in the article.

Here is the part of the article where my name was mentioned:

Blogger Aesheh Adlina Karim drew attention to the similarities of the group’s flag to the Singaporean and Indonesian national flags.

“Do they (Pakatan) mean to make Malaysia a republic because both Indonesia and Singapore are republics?” she asked in her blog.

But unfortunately, my name was spelled as Aesheh instead of Aeshah 😀

The piece of article from The Star

Please click here for The Star’s Blogger sparks uproar.

Please click here for the post which was mentioned in the article.

A Day at Pusat Sains Negara

A few days ago, my family and I went to the Pusat Sains Negara or National Science Center for the Dinosaurs Live! Exhibition.

We arrived there at around 10am. First, we went to the Aquarium. There was a big overhead fresh water aquarium with varieties of fishes. Although the fishes were beautifully coloured, sadly, there were none which swims gracefully.

Underneath the aquarium…

Then, we went to watch the Science Show where they taught us about Sodium Polyacrylate, Butane Gas and how a thousand nails will be less painful to sit on  compared to just one nail. I volunteered when they taught about Butane Gas and that was the first time I held fire in my hand.

I (second from right) held the bubbles formed by mixing Butane Gas and soap in my hand before lighting them up on fire.
Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of me holding the fire but only a picture of the extinguished fire…

After the show, we went to the Eureka corner where there were a lot of amazing things which can be explained by Science or Maths.

I tried the Moon Walker which was exhibited at the Pusat Sains Negara.

We went up the ramp and headed to the Dinosaurs Live! Exhibition. There were a lot of dinosaurs exhibited. Among them were the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, Spinosaurus, the ‘thick headed lizard’, Pachycephalosaurus, the sheep sized Protoceratops, the little Ornitholestes and the largest known members of the family of Dromaeosauridae, Utahraptor.

We were dwarfed by the Dinosaur… (This dinosaur was exhibited at the lower ground)

After learning a lot about the dinosaurs exhibited, we moved on to the next exhibitions called Flight, Thinking machine and Future World.

I was trying out one of the hands-on activities at the Flight section…

We then went back down and watch another Science Show where they taught us about Hydrogen Peroxide and Potassium Iodide and Liquid Nitrogen. We completed our journey by going to the ‘Pathways to Science’ where we learn about Astronomy, Simple Machines and many more and Wonderspark where we learnt about Water, Light and Air.

Before leaving the Science Center, we tried the incredible Whispering Disk, the Echo Dome and played music using the ‘Stone Age’ Xylophone which makes brilliant music.

I was playing the ‘Stone Age’ Xylophone…

We had a very good time there. You should visit the Science Center too! The Dinosaurs Live! exhibition ends on the 31 July 2012

Please click here for more pictures of my tour at Pusat Sains Negara