LAHAD DATU: 2 GOF injured, a teenager killed in red zone

From New Straits Times:

LAHAD DATU: Two General Operations Force personnel were wounded while a teenager was killed in Day 6 of Ops Daulat in the “red zone” area of Felda Sahabat today.

The GOF personnel, both from Battalion 12 in Miri, were wounded in a shootout with terrorists in Sungai Bilis, near Kampung Tanduo and Tanjung Batu during sporadic gun battles which lasted eight hours.
They were identified as Lance Corporals Mohd Zariman Ibrahim, 31, and Affendi Rosle, 26.
Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the two GOF personnel were pulled out of the area at 8am and flown to the Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan, accompanied by an armed forces medical officer.
Their conditions are listed as stable.
Later in the morning, a teenager was killed in the “red zone” area when security forces reacted to movements in the bushes and opened fire while they were frisking a group who were nabbed in the area.
 A man in his 30s, who was with the teenager, was also hit in the incident.
He, however, was only wounded and was sent to the hospital in Lahad Datu.
The incident occurred at about 10am when security forces were pursuing terrorists near Kampung Tanduo and Tanjung Batu.
Armed Forces Chief General Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said they deployed an armoured vehicle to bring out the five people who were caught by the security forces, the wounded man and the dead teenager.
Investigations are now on to determine the identities of all those involved, adding that it was not clear what the group were doing in the area which was a “red zone”.
“We have advised the public not to enter the area as it was dangerous,” he said, and asserted no one was allowed to enter the two villages and its surrounding areas where the terrorists were believed to be scattered in small groups.
 After heavy shelling and gun battles for nearly a week now, the security forces have killed 53 terrorists. They also arrested 144  sympathisers and those linked to the terrorists, here, and in Semporna.
 Among those arrested were four gunmen believed to have been involved in the shootout in Simunul on Saturday where six policemen and six terrorists were killed.
Also nabbed were 27 people in three boats, who were stopped by Marine police on Saturday as they were approaching Tanjung Batu.
The remaining terrorists are believed to be still in a 8km radius area, in between Kampung Tanduo and Tanjung Batu.

Did Tian Chua Say It?

On the 1st March, 2013, Keadilan Daily reported Tian Chua’s statement saying that the shooting in Lahad Datu is believed to be a conspiracy planned by UMNO to ‘wag the dog’ and scare the rakyat.

A screenshot of the article in Keadilan Daily which reported Tian Chua saying that the Lahad Datu incident is an UMNo conspiracy.
A screenshot of the article in Keadilan Daily which reported Tian Chua saying that the Lahad Datu incident is an UMNO conspiracy.

He then tweeted, “Fighting broke out with Sulu intruders? its just a continuous “wag the dog” drama.”

Tian Chua Tweet
A screenshot of the tweet by Tian Chua.

However after ‘tons’ of police reports against his statements, Tian Chua denied claiming the shootout in Lahad Datu was an Umno’s conspiracy.

If it is true that he did not say that the shootout in Lahad Datu was an UMNO’s conspiracy, it means that Keadilan Daily must have lied about it. But how can an official newsportal for a party make such a big mistake by mis-quoting its own leader?

But what about his tweet?

Please read:

Siapakah Batu?

Semalam saya menonton rancangan Helo Malaysia di Bernama TV yang membincangkan topik ‘Pengkhianat Negara’. Rancangan forum itu dihoskan oleh Sharkawi Jirim dan ahli-ahli panelnya ialah Tan Sri Zaman Khan dan Dr Azmi Hassan.

Antara perkara yang menarik perhatian saya ialah bila Sharkawi Jirim berkata:

Kadang-kadang saya tiba-tiba terfikirlah kepada mereka yang menganggap mereka rakyat Malaysia, tetapi pada masa yang sama saya menganggap mereka adalah pengkhianat, terutamanya kepada mereka yang menganggap ini (kes Lahad Datu) sebagai konspirasi politik. Bagi saya, mereka ini adalah manusia-manusia yang berhati batu… Sebab tu ada yang bertanding di kawasan parlimen Batu.

Menarik, bukan? Manusia berhati batu, bertanding di parlimen Batu. Soalnya siapakah manusia itu?

Adakah ini manusia yang dimaksudkan olen Sharkawi Jirim sebagai manusia yang berhati batu yang bertanding di kawasan parlimen Batu?

Tian Chua@Batu

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