Mahathir… A Gone Hero

Mahathir was once a figure who I looked up to. His actions were the ones which I respected. “Perjuangan Belum Selesai” touched my soul. “Melayu Mudah Lupa” was my battle cry.

But now, watching his actions and listening to what he says today, I am no longer sure if those words which made him the “Hero of the Malays”, really came from his heart or if they were all just a part of his sickly, twisted game.

“Sesungguhnya tidak ada yang lebih menyayat hati
Dari melihat bangsaku dijajah
Tidak ada yang lebih menyedihkan
dari membiarkan bangsaku dihina
Air mata tiada ertinya
Sejarah silam tiada maknanya
Sekiranya bangsa tercinta terpinggir
Dipersenda dan dilupakan”– Tun Dr. Mahathir in Perjuangan Belum Selesai

Did he mean it when he wrote that it pierced his heart when the Malays were forced to bow down to the ‘penjajah’? That nothing was more heart-wrenching then seeing his own race being insulted?

That tears are worthless and history is meaningless if our own race, our own religion are being forgotten– being stepped on– being shunned?

Because if he did, how can he ever bear to be together with those people who, clearly from the emblems and the banners they hold up high, are discriminating and humiliating his own race and religion?

Penyapu Melayu Mei 13

Penyapu Melayu Bersih 4

How can he support the illegal demonstration which is being led by the people he himself has labeled as ‘pengkhianat bangsa’?

Mat Sabu Lim Kit Siang Wan Azizah

Tun Mahathir himself has once said that the Malays who join the opposition’s illegal assemblies are greedy and selfish people– does this means that he is one too?

Were all of his past actions merely acts for his own political gain? Did any of his own words ever came from his heart? Are all the tears he shed for the country actually crocodile tears?

Looking at his actions now, I think we were fooled by his twisted, malicious game.

It is still very hard for me to accept the harsh reality. The man who is now spreading lies and false words about the government and supporting the enemies and the greedy monkeys is the same man that I used to respect.

The book was purposely added into the picture to feature the hero of the Malays.
I photographed his book by the Jalur Gemilang because I thought that Tun M. is the “Hero of The Malays”.

I still want to believe that he is just being tricked, being fooled to support Bersih 4; but again, he is not a child who can be fooled easily.

How can he forget the people who had once threatened to ‘sweep out’ the Malays from our own land with giant brooms while chanting the words, “Melayu Sakai!” and “Melayu Balik Hutan!”?

Melayu Sakai- DAP Lim Kit Siang Halau Melayu Lim Kit Siang Bersih 4 Mahathir Bersih 4

He is no more a hero to me.

He is a hypocrite who acted against his own words.

He always said, “Melayu Mudah Lupa… “; now it looks like Mahathir Sudah Lupa…

Or does he thinks that since, “Melayu Mudah Lupa… “, he is free to do anything because soon, we’ll forget his bad deeds?

Mahathir Mudah Lupa

Pictures of #KL112

Today, an assembly which was organised by the opposition called ‘Kebangkitan Rakyat’ (‘Rise of the Rakyat’) or #KL12 is held. The participants will march from various places to Stadium Merdeka. Here are some pictures of the event…

According to the Peaceful Assmebly Act 2012 (Act 736) children under 15 are not allowed to join assemblies…

Kid 1

Kid 2

Kid 3

Kid 4

Since the Janji Bersih assembly during Merdeka Day last year, it was clear that the opposition wants to make a revolution. And here’s more evidence to prove it…

Revolution Flyer

Do they want to make Malaysia a comunist country?

Komunis mix

Komunis Cap

Komunis Flyer

Please click here to read about the ‘Red Star’ symbol…

Do they want to legalise LGBT?

Rainbow Flag

Please click here to read about the ‘Rainbow Flag’…

Coutersy to RBF online, PAS Beruk and Dr MiM for the pictures…

Janji Bersih: Against the Rukun Negara

I saw a comment in Prof Ramlah Adam : ‘Sang Saka Malaya’ Bukan Bendera Tanah Melayu-AIDC which said:

The issue of changing the Jalur Gemilang did not arise. PR (the opposition) is not the government. BN (Barisan Nasional) is now the government. It is indeed a good idea for them (the Janji Bersih demonstrators) to bring up the history (of the existence )of the Sang Saka Malaya, which our warriors had once been fighting for. It can open the minds of the younger generations in understanding the history of (our) independence. They (the Janji Bersih demonstrators) were only showing an old flag, not a weapon. How people closed their minds to the diversity of view.

Tawarikh Lama’s comment on Prof Ramlah Adam : ‘Sang Saka Malaya’ Bukan Bendera Tanah Melayu-AIDC.

Of course it is very good when the younger generations are interested about the history of our country. What was wrong is the fact that the Janji Bersih demonstrator (also known as ‘Janji Demokrasi’ and ‘Bersih 4.0’) introduced the Sang Saka Malaya to in the crowds as ‘the new Malaysian flag’ and distributed leaflets demanding the change of the Malaysian flag from the current Jalur Gemilang to the Sang Saka Malaya, what more when it was on the eve of Merdeka. By doing so, the demonstrators had not only humiliate the Jalur Gemilang but they also did not respect the Rukun Negara or the Rule of the Country. Here is the list of the Rukun Negara:

  1. Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan (Belief in God)
  2. Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara (Loyalty to King and Country)
  3. Keluhuran Perlembagaan (Supremacy of the Constitution)
  4. Kedaulatan Undang-undang (The Rule of Law)
  5. Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan (Good Behaviour and Morality)

(If you want a free copy of the Rukun Negara, perhaps you should buy Gardenia’s White Bread. The Rukun Negara is printed on the plastic of the halal, tasty, healthy and soft bread :mrgreen: )

The Rukun Negara printed on the plastic of Gardenia’s white bread

Why Janji Bersih Is Against the Rukun Negara?

Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara (Loyalty to King and Country)

As stated by Malaysia’s historian, Professor Ramlah Adam, the Sang Saka Malaya was the flag of the Kesatuan Melayu Muda (KMM) (Young Malays Union), a party which fought for the unification of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and the Republik Indonesia and to turn the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu into a republic.

By changing the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu into a republic, they are not being loyal to our king because they want to eradicate the rights of the king and end the existence of the Malaysia Kings.

Sang Saka Malaya…

Kedaulatan Undang-undang (The Rule of Law)

The Janji Bersih demonstration was declared as an illegal assembly by the police because the organisers should have submitted an official notification to the police of their gathering 10 days before the event/demonstration as written under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad has told the organisers to cancel it and warned the public against participating in it. Yet they still carried on with the demonstration. By doing so, they did not obey the 4th Rukun Negara.

One of the organisers, National Laureate A. Samad Said reciting a poem during the Janji Bersih demonstration.

Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan (Good Behaviour and Morality)

I think everyone should already know about the bad behaviour and morality presented by the Janji Bersih demonstrators.

    • Not obeying the Rukun Negara is already a bad thing to do for if we are a Malaysian citizen, we must obey the rules of the country.
    • We should not disgrace our Jalur Gemilang in any way.

      The leaflet demanding for the change of the Malaysian flag
    • They showed very bad behaviour when they disgraced our Prime Minister and his wife by stepping and throwing things on a photo of our Prime Minister and his wife.

Blogger sparks uproar

This afternoon, my mother showed me an article in The Star entitled, Blogger sparks uproar. As I read through the article, I was surprised and excited to see my name mentioned in the article.

Here is the part of the article where my name was mentioned:

Blogger Aesheh Adlina Karim drew attention to the similarities of the group’s flag to the Singaporean and Indonesian national flags.

“Do they (Pakatan) mean to make Malaysia a republic because both Indonesia and Singapore are republics?” she asked in her blog.

But unfortunately, my name was spelled as Aesheh instead of Aeshah 😀

The piece of article from The Star

Please click here for The Star’s Blogger sparks uproar.

Please click here for the post which was mentioned in the article.

Emeritus Professor in the History Department of the University of Malaya’s view on the waving of the Sang Saka Malaya

On the 3rd September, 2012, Emeritus Professor in the History Department of the University of Malaya (Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim) who was also one of the co-authors of the Rukun Negara, lamented the lack of understanding among a section of the nation’s youth resulting in misguided acts against the accepted national symbols and values.

I think the problem among some of the youth today is that they treat the flag not as a national symbol but as a joke. They don’t realise that the Jalur Gemilang was decided and accepted by the people through democratic process.Whatever the disagreement that may exist between political parties, there are certain facts that have to be accepted by the rakyat.

“Whatever the disagreement that may exist between political parties, there are certain facts that have to be accepted by the rakyat” – Waves of Flak over Flag-The Star Online

He said there was a gross misunderstanding that the national flag was synonymous with the ruling party, in this case the Barisan Nasional led-government.

The Sang Saka Malaya being waved by Bersih 4.0 supporters at the Janji Bersih demonstration…

Speaking to The Malaysian Insider, he asked why only now the new flag issue was brought up? Our people had chosen our flag and our Malaysian flag has been accepted by the majority Malaysian since 1957.-‘Kenapa baru sekarang nak timbulkan bendera merah putih?’ Khoo Kay Kim- The Malaysian Insider

Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim

Pakatan’s new Malaysia flag: Not a copycat? Turning Malaysia to a Republic?

Last night at Dataran Merdeka, people clad in Bersih T-shirts were seen waving a ‘new flag’.

They were also distributing leaflets about the ‘new flags’. Were these new flags were created by Pakatan Rakyat (Oppositions party)?

Last year, DAP’s M. Manoharan (state assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah in Selangor) stated in his Facebook:

I distributed many DAP flags today in my constituency. I refused to fly the Malaysian flag because it looks more BN than Malaysian.

Copycat…AMERICA. America Syarikat atau Syarikat America. Inipun Bahasa Malaysia tak betul. LOL. Bendera Amerika Syarikat ditiru!

Pakatan will come up with a new flag. The current one is definitely out.

He also distributed DAP flags last year instead of the Jalur Gemilang for Merdeka Day. He also said, “It’s the national flag that should be in our hand.”

What is it about the Jalur Gemilang that is so BN? Is there any BN logos on it? Maybe they said it because the moon signifies Islam and (UMNO) BN is far more Islamic than PR.

The Jalur Gemilang may look like the United States flag but how about the new flag? Isn’t it similar to Singaporean and Indonesian flags? And it is far more logical that the new flag is so PR or DAP because of the fact that DAP is said to be a splinter of Singaporean’s PAP.

The fact that they are going to make the new flag Malaysia’s flag when PR gain control of Malaysia, do they mean to make Malaysia a republic because both Indonesia and Singapore are republics.

And if there is no king to protect the Malay’s rights as in Article 153, I think the opposition will change the Constitution of Malaysia if they gain control of Malaysia; like the Article 3 which states that Malaysia is an Islamic country.

Please Read:

YB Khalid Samad vs YB Nasharudin Mat Isa On Bersih 3.0?

Last Wednesday (23rd of May 2012), a press conference was held by the opposition party in front of Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan’s (Bersih’s chairman) house to show their support and sympathy for Datuk Ambiga(Traders stage ‘burger protest’ in front of Ambiga’s house and Group protests in front of Ambiga’s house).

Among those who were present was YB Khalid Samad (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) Central Committee and Member of the Malaysian Parliament for Shah Alam, Selangor). Speaking to the reporters that he stressed that:

That is a justified demand (Bersih 3). It is a demand which we look upon as something which is an act of goodness, a sign of piety. Muslims who are involved in such a programme, fighting for clean and fair election, for us, we understand it as an act of amal soleh, or a good act.

-Agenda Daily 23rd May 2012 Sejenak di rumah Ambiga: Luah rasa seorang wartawan…

Ironically, on the 22nd of April 2012 (six days before the Bersih 3.0 rally), former Vice President of PAS, YB Nasharudin Mat Isa, made a statement at the Wacana Kemungkaran LGBT- LGBT MENGUNDANG BALA ALLAH, that based on a fatwa by Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi(a world-renowned Muslim scholar), Muslims are even forbidden to eat and drink together with the practitioners and supporters of the practice of LGBT; therefore it is haram to join the Bersih 3.0 rally since the rally was led by Ambiga who is a LGBT fighter. Wacana Kemungkaran LGBT- LGBT MENGUNDANG BALA ALLAH was organised by Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia (MUAFAKAT).

So now we have two different opinions from two different PAS leaders regarding Bersih 3.0 rally. So whose opinion is right and whose is wrong? Let us go back to the leaders academic background. YB Khalid Samad studied Fuel and Energy Engineering while YB Nasharudin Mat Isa studied Islamic Studies and Shariah law. Since we are referring about ‘right or wrong’ as in Islam, it seems like YB Nasharudin Mat Isa’s opinion on the matter is more credential than YB Khalid Samad’s. Further more, YB Khalid Samad had reportedly opposed to a Selangor shariah law that prohibited non-Muslims from using the word “Allah”.

PAS members have two totally contradictorily opinions from their leaders regarding Bersih 3.0. So now, who should they listen to? And why can’t their leaders agree on the matter? Or does that means that there are at least two different camps in PAS?

So for PAS members, this may not only caused them a headache…but worse a heart-break if this is really a sign of a split in their party.

Another video of the Bersih 3.0 demonstration

Here’s another video of the Bersih 3.0 demonstration….

We can see that even since before the FRU sprayed tear gas the demonstration had been chaotic…

The photo below clearly shows that the FRU had no choice but to spray the tear gas because the water cannon did not seems to be able to put things under control as shown at minute 7:20 of the video… I cannot understand how anybody can still blame the police for spraying the tear gas to the demonstrators after watching the video?

I read an article in MalaysiaKini which claimed that a police car intentionally hit Bersih 3.0 supporters while driving towards Dataran Merdeka near Sogo… According to the article, the incident caused a Bersih 3.0 supporter to bounce up onto the car… But obviously, at minute 08:20 of the video, we can see that the Bersih 3.0 supporter purpposely climbed up onto the car to attack it… And the car accident was the result of the Bersih  3.0 demonstrators attacks on the moving car.

Another Bersih 3.0 supporter climbing up onto the moving car…

 Was it a ‘monkey’ that was jumping on top of the police car?

Bersih 3.0 supporters even jumped into an ambulance and attacked a police inside(the ambulance) while the paramedics were helping the victims of the police car crash at Sogo as seen at minute 09:32 of the video.

What is Bersih 3.0 fighting for?

I received two comments for my post, ‘Bersih 3.0… A peaceful demonstration?’ saying:

were you there AA … why are you lying about things you did not see….everything was peaceful until police started gassing people…peaceful marchers….you are typical BN …just put your side of pictures on the media…LIARS..I was there. The police were the thugs.”

“Tell us why a police car ran into the crowd …a boy has been warded because of this….how dare you twist the story…how much did they pay you?”

Please read: ‘We would have stayed peaceful if they haven’t sprayed us-Bersih 3.0 supporters.’ I wrote the above post to answer the above comments with video showing what happened before and after the incident.

Those comments really caught my attention. I am not a Barisan Nasional (BN) member; infact I am not even a BN’s supporter (after what happened, nor am I a Pakatan Rakyat’s supporter, either). I did not write the article (or any other articles) on BN’s instruction. I am just writing my point of view about the demonstration as a peace loving citizen of Malaysia. So, why should BN pay me? It is sad that there are people who sacrificed their time, comfort and safety to join a street demonstration to fight for a clean and free election when they actually do not understand what is freedom of speech. Now it makes me wonder, what exactly are the demonstrators demonstrating for?

The police were the thugs???

I also want a clean and fair election, even though I am not eligible to vote at 14 years old. Bersih is free to fight for a good cause but my complain is, why must they held a street demonstrations and disobey the law? And after looking at how the crowd provoked the police on the night before the event, I asked myself if all the demonstrators really wanted Bersih 3.0 rally to be peaceful? Please read: ‘Bersih 3.0:In Videos-Police Brutality/Video Keganasan Polis?’  

I was accused as a ‘typical BN’. So, for some of the Bersih 3.0 violent street rally demonstrators, those who do not agree with them are the ‘typical BN’ or paid by BN. And anyone who is sensible enough not to support the violant acts done by the demonstrators are BN supporters? Even my little brother understands that, ‘matlamat tidak akan menghalalkan cara’, Please read his blog post: Bersih 3.0 Violence – The End Justifies The Means? Odd… I thought that they are demonstrating for a fair and clean election and not for ‘Anti-Barisan Nasional’. Or are BN’s member right when they claim that Bersih 3.0 is actually the oppossitions’ rally?

Now, what did those plants do to justify their conditions after the event? Are they supporting BN or did they help BN and SPR to cheat in the past elections? Or maybe they are PDRM’s agents who provoked the demonstrators that started the riot; I wonder….

A fair and clean election means no cheating during the elections. If they claim that BN cheated in the pasts elections, so why did the opposition party that was accused to cheat in their own party elections by their own members and ex-leaders was also leading the rally? If the PR leads the country, can we be sure that all the elections are clean and free? But for some Bersih demonstrators, no other political party cheats but BN; so those who were not satisfied were paid by BN…….

So what exactly is Bersih 3.0 demonstration was all about? A fight for a clean and fair election… or was it an ‘Anti-Barisan Nasional’ demonstration?

Please click here for more pictures of the Bersih 3.0 street rally…

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