16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. salams,
    I love baking too.I bake and decorate cakes for weddings and birthdays but most of all, I love making sugar flowers. I can teach you whatever I know about making sugar flowers ,if you wish….free of charge dear ;).

    Its good to see a young person blogging what she fervently believes in.

  2. Hi, I used to be interested in photography too. By the way, I’ve heard that the next MUAFAKAT program is going to be held in Pusat Islam entitled, Seminar Mendepani Virus Syi’ah. Please tell me the date and time so that I could come.

  3. Hello,
    I visited your blog and I found it very nice. I was looking for a person who was my correspondent many years ago. Her name is Asma (Yussef?) and she lived in Kuala Trengganu. She must be about 55 years old now. May be it’s your aunt Asma on the photo ?
    I also collect stamps, so if you can give me your address, I’ll sent you some stamps from my country : Belgium (little country but the heart of Europe !)
    Greetings. Paul.

  4. You are a beautiful girl, learn much and be a healer writing your stories…keep a journal. Always follow your heart and trust your intuition to know what is right.


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