An Ode (Gratitude)

Here’s to the ones whose names I’ve only heard of,
Faces perhaps I have seen, but souls I’ve never met, 
Hearts I’ve never known to be so earnest in their words. 
It takes a penny to aid, but tenfold to invest 
In stones which value nowhere close to diamonds,
Yet they sacrifice comfort in a manner so persistent.
How they triumph over greed. 

Here’s to the ones who won’t think of the trouble 
They face as they go out of their way; for they can 
Only think of the trouble faced by those who would struggle
To make it through another day had they not lend a hand.
Hours, dollars and hassle they won’t fuss over 
And all that they say is that it’s the least that they can do.
Evident is their noble hearts. 

Here’s to the ones who go against the odds 
And say that distance is never a barrier, for what 
They can’t give with their hands, they give with their thoughts.
And though it may seem like nothing, they know that  
To battered souls thoughts can be antidotes,
So they lend their ears and share their hearts. 
Blessed are their souls. 

Ever since I was small, I counted the cents that I owe,
Have always pledged to never burden a soul.
And I swear that I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut 
About the wounds and bruises on this battered heart. 

And now I have not a clue on how to repay
The endless sacrifices which you have made. 
And though again and again, I worded a “thank you”, 
I don’t think it’s enough to convey my gratitude.

So here’s an ode to the ones who care.
To the ones whose heart breaks upon our despair.
Here’s to the ones who have proven time again…
That though blood may make you related,
Loyalty is what makes you family. 

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