Buku-buku Iain Buchanan – The Armies of God & Sang Nila Utama

Highly recommended….

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Untuk tempahan dan pesanan.

Buku2 Iain - poster1

The Armies of God: A Study in Militant Christianity

Over the past 30 years, US foreign policy has relied increasingly on the presence of evangelical Christians in policy-making, administration, funding, and work in the field. It is a presence that is little advertised, and systematically obscured from public view. But it is a crucial and extremely influential presence – politically, militarily, culturally and economically. And it is a presence which has had far-reaching (and often disastrous) effect on the relationship between the Christian West and non-Christian cultures, religious communities and nations. This book looks at the ways that Western politics incorporate, and exploit, religion. In particular, it examines the rise of US evangelicalism as a force in world affairs. It looks in detail at some of the most powerful of the agencies involved, and at the way they operate – often as US government proxies –…

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