Do These Retired Malay Civil Servants Understand the Federal Constitution?

Reading an open letter to the people of Malaysia by a “group of retired Malay civil servants” of G25, I am amused by their lack of knowledge on the the Federal Constitution while at the same time they are questioning the government authorities on this matter.

The members of G25 wrote that:

“The on-going debate over these matters display a lack of clarity and understanding on the place of Islam within our constitutional democracy.”

Despite the fact that the place of Islam has been clearly stated in Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia where it states that, “Islam is the religion of the Federation” and in Article 37(1) of the Federal Constitution where it states that the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong must pledge under the name of Allah to uphold Islam; G25 still thinks that there is “a lack of clarity and understanding on the place of Islam within our constitutional democracy.”

“The Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall before exercising his functions take and subscribe before the Conference of Rulers and in the presence of the Chief Justice of the Federal Court (or in his absence the next senior judge of the Federal Court available) the oath of office set out in Part I of the Fourth Schedule; and the oath shall be attested by two persons appointed for the purpose by the Conference of Rulers.”-Article 37(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia

“Wallahi: Wabillahi: Watallahi,

Maka dengan lafaz ini berikrarlah Kami dengan sesungguhnya dan dengan sebenarnya mengaku akan taat setia pada menjalankan dengan adilnya pemerintahan bagi Malaysia dengan mengikut sebagaimana undang-undang dan Perlembagaan yang telah disahkan dan dimasyurkan dan akan disah dan dimasyurkan di masa hadapan ini. Dan lagi Kami berikrar mengaku dengan sesungguh dan dengan sebenarnya memeliharakan pada setiap masa Agama Islam dan berdiri tetap di atas permintaan yang adil dan aman di dalam Negeri.”-The oath taken by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong

G25 understands Malaysia as a constitutional democracy country when Malaysia is actually a federal constitutional monarchy and not a constitutional democracy. I have no idea where did these retired Malay civil servants get the idea that our constitution is a democratic constitution when the word “democracy” has never be mentioned in our Federal Constitution.

G25 went on with their bizarre prattles to “refer specifically to the current situation where religious bodies seem to be asserting authority beyond their jurisdiction; where issuance of various fatwa violate the Federal Constitution” when JAKIM has been protecting Islam as the religion of the Federation as mentioned in Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution.

Calling themselves moderate Muslims, they also mentioned that they “are particularly concerned with the statement issued by Minister Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, in response to the recent Court of Appeal judgement on the right of transgendered women to dress according to their identity. He viewed the right of the transgender community and Sisters in Islam (SIS) to seek legal redress as a “new wave of assault on Islam” and as an attempt to lead Muslims astray from their faith, and put religious institutions on trial in a secular court.”

The act of redressing is very much forbidden in Islam and as the Minister of Islamic Affairs, it is in fact Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom’s duty to alert the Islamic community in Malaysia of these new wave of assault towards Islam.

I find it funny how G25 wants the people of Malaysia to support the freedom and liberty (freedom from limits on thought or behaviour) of the people with extreme behaviours such as crossdressing, switching genders and other related queer behaviour when these abnormal behaviours had once been classified as a mental illness. In fact, it has been reported that gay men have significantly higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders than straight men.

The end note however is the most absurd. It states that:

“When Islam was revealed to our Prophet saw in 7th century Arabia, it was astoundingly revolutionary and progressive. Over the centuries, the religion has guided believers through harsh and challenging times. It is our fervent belief that for Islam to continue to be relevant and universal in our times, the understanding, codification and implementation of the teachings of our faith must continue to evolve. Only with this, can justice, as enjoined by Allah swt, prevail.”

After the Fattah Makkah, Saidina Abu Bakr r.a. knew that the time for the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to return to Allah s.w.t. was coming near because the Prophet’s quest to deliver Islam to the mankind has been fulfilled. This proves the fact that Islam has been perfected to it’s truest and most divine state. So, why must we revolutionise such a beautiful and perfect religion? The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. has entrusted us to protect, defend and uphold Islam as how it is. Allah s.w.t. is all knowing. Allah knows what is perfect for us and Allah gives us what we need, not what we want. Do these Malay Muslims not have faith in Allah? Do they not trust Allah to know what is perfect for us?

Why must Islam be adapted to our evolving world and not the world adapt to the perfect guidelines of Islam?



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