How to sign the “Respecting the sovereign nation of Malaysia” Petition



How to sign the petition

1) Click here and you will be redirected to a webpage which looks like this:
Petition Manual-1a

The form will be on the right side of the page:
Petition Manual-1

2) Fill in the boxes with the required details:

Petition Manual-First Name

Petition Manual-Last Name

Petition Manual-Email

It is not necessary to fill in this field, but you can type in your zip code/ post code in the box:
Petition Manual-Zip Code

It is also unnecessary for you to check the little box under the zip code field. By checking the box, you are signing up to receive email updates from President Obama and the White House on this and other issues.
Petition Manual-Box

3) Then click the red “Sign Now” button.

Petition Manual-Sign Now

After clicking the “Sign Now” button, this message will replace the form:

Petition Manual-Email Verification Required

4) Go to the inbox of the email address which you entered into the form. Once you receive an email titled:‘Action Needed: Verify your signature’. Open it and you will see this message:

Petition Manual-Email Verify

5) Click the link “Confirm your signature by clicking here”.

Petition Manual-Email Verify 2

You will be redirected to this message:

Petition Manual-Verified

And voila! You have signed the petition to show your support for the sovereignty of our country, congratulations!


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