Khairy and Zumba

My younger brother, blogger Ahmad Ali Karim made a video about Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin challenging the UMNO leaders to look for a ‘wow factor’.


This is Ahmad Ali’s ‘wow factor’ video:

After watching the video, I feel proud of my little brother for the way he thinks is not like most child of his age.

And I asked myself, must Khairy do what he did?

Well, may be Khairy wants to do something ‘epic’ for Muhyiddin’s ‘wow factor’ challenge.

May be a ‘brilliant’ idea stroked Khairy and he decided to perform it on stage…


So, he Zumba as what he described, “yang penuh feel” to attract the attention and to entice the youngsters to join him!

kj zumba tweet

However, doesn’t he know that the dance had been declared as haram by the mufti of Sabah?

Orang Islam adalah haram dan dilarang untuk melibatkan diri di dalam senam/tarian Zumba yang jelas mengandungi unsur-unsur yang bertentangan dengan syariat dan akhlak Islam seperti percampuran lelaki dan perempuan yang bukan mahram, pakaian yang menjolok mata, pendedahan aurat, elemen erotik di dalam tarian, persembahan muzik yang keterlaluan serta tidak menepati Garis Panduan Sukan Menurut Perspektif Islam

As a Muslim leader and the minister for youths, Khairy should set good examples for the youngsters and not ruining their minds and promoting ideas against the teaching of Islam.



And blogger Helen Ang saw the similarity between Zumba and the dance below:



Khairy and his Zumba reminds me of another politician:

Both dancing and rockin’ the stage!


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