When Two Nuns Were Robbed, TMI Kicks Into Action

Two nuns were robbed by two men with helmets at a church in Seremban. Now some people are speculating that the nuns were attacked out of hatred– that the attackers are Muslims and the nuns are well, Christians. Thanks to The Malaysian Insider, rumours are spreading fast and speculations are being made. Despite statements from the police that it is not a hate crime, The Malaysian Insider is flocked with comments, tweets and articles speculating otherwise.

These speculators are bringing up the fact that nuns aren’t worth tobe robbed. “What was there to rob from a nun? A prayer rosary?” asked one of The Malaysian Insider reader, Harjim. The thing is, the nuns weren’t wearing their usual habits. So how can the robbers tell that the two elderly were nuns? In fact, since when do these street robbers think before they act? For all we know, they might be high on drug during the robbery…

Then The Malaysian Insider posted this statement by Rahang assemblyman Mary Josephine Prittam Singh who says that the area is in fact, a crime hotspot!

I hear parishioners falling victims to snatch thieves practically every Sunday. These cases usually happen between 7.30am and 11.30am after the Tamil and English masses.

-Rahang assemblyman Mary Josephine Prittam Singh, Area near Seremban church a crime hotspot, says parishioner (The Malaysia Insider)

Then we have a The Malaysian Insider reader who is convinced that a nun was never robbed!
Malaysia Insider Nun Attack Comment

Islamic NGO, Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia (MUAFAKAT)’s general secretary, A Karim Omar questioned in his blog that why is it that none of these kind of ‘hate crime speculating’ articles were published when a Haji or Hajjah were robbed? He also wrote that recently, a friend of his who was clad in jubah was robbed as he was returning to his home from the mosque after performing his Subh prayers. Must it also be a hate crime, planned by religious extremists who hate Islam?

Apakah apabila seorang Haji (atau Hajjah) yang berumur dan mengenakan pakaian jubahnya dirompak tidak mengapa? Kenapa tiada laporan begini dari TMI? Apakah ianya tidak pernah berlaku? Baru-baru ini sahabat saya bekas ketua jabatan kerajaan yang berjalan-jalan selepas pulang solat Subuh pun kena rompak walaupun berjubah? Apakah itu “hate crime” yang dirancang oleh pengganas dan pelampau agama yang cuba menganyang Islam dan dakwahnya di Tanah Air tercinta ini?

-A Karim Omar, Malaysian Insider Medan Penghasut dan Pelampau Agama (Karim’s Blog)

Why is it that when a nun was robbed, it is automatically classified as a ‘hate crime’ but when a Haji or an imam was robbed, it is just a normal incident? Is it true that nuns have never been robbed?


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