My First Live Performance in a Radio Show

Yesterday, 6th March 2014, my family and I went on air on eWana.FM Kuala Lumpur through their night show, ‘Bila Larut Malam’ or ‘When The Night Falls’ with DJ Nizal Mohamad or Uncle Nizal as we call him.

When Uncle Nizal informed my father that he wanted to interview my little brother, Ahmad Ali, Ali was very, very excited. He could not wait to make a live appearance on a radio show. Later, Uncle Nizal re-informed my father that all of us would appear on the radio show! It was kind of exciting for me as I had never appeared on a radio show before. But I was also very nervous as I was not sure what should I say in the show. What if I get nervous and my tongue gets tangled upon answering a question.

We were also going to sing a song by Dawud Wharnsby Ali titled, ‘Alhamdulillah’ with only one and a half day to practice! I was seriously nervous and afraid that I might not be able to sing it well. As we practiced the song, I didn’t manage to fulfill my mother’s expectations. My voice was too soft and I can’t hit the right note. I practiced again and again that night. It was very hard but at last, I manage to improve my singing and almost got a sore throat. My mother noted my improvement the next day and I felt so proud.

I was really excited as we drove closer to the studio. I wasn’t nervous at all. However, when we entered the radio conti, my heart climbed up to my throat, butterflies flew into my stomach, I grew nervous all of a sudden. I seriously thought that I did so bad and awful during the show. However, after the show, my mother told me that I did great even though I was quite nervous.

Uncle Nizal told us that they will air a repeat of the show at 6PM Malaysian time (+8:00 GMT) today and so I am really looking forward to hearing it because I want to hear how did I do yesterday by myself. To any of my dear readers who wants to hear the repeat, please visit today at 6PM Malaysian time (+8:00 GMT).


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