Anwar; Syiah Follower or Foolish?

Below is the part 1 recording of Anwar Ibrahim’s talk during the Dialog Anak Muda Selangor at Sunway Resort. Please note that it was recorded by TV Selangor and not Utusan.

Anything strange? Let’s watch and listen again.

Saidina Ali is the first caliph? Doesn’t Anwar know that Saidina Abu Bakar is the first caliph?

Did he accidentally made the mistake? But why didn’t any of the ‘anak muda’ point out Anwar’s mistake? Do they not bother to memorise the caliphs or are they too obsesed with Anwar until they didn’t realise Anwar’s mistake?

By the way, the followers of Syiah believe that Saidina Ali is the first caliph. So, could it be that Anwar, the de facto leader of Pakatan has been influenced by his dear friend?

Mat Sabun
Please read: PAS dan Syiah, Kisah Bersabun

It is weird that Anwar, who his supporters regard as the world’s great Muslim leader could made such a mistake.

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