Siapa Ekstremis?

Damansara Utama’s state assemblyman and two fellow DAP Selangor state assemblymen stated their stance in the current ‘Kalimah Allah’ issue. Naming JAIS extremist, they summoned other Selangor state assemblymen to wake up and to stand up for the rights of Christians and ammend an Enactment that protects Islam, which (as The Malaysian Insider clearly and repeatedly writes) was created during UMNO/BN governed Selangor.

It (the enactment) should not be used to restrict anyone from practising and professing their own religion in their preferred language,”

“As such this section should be amended to ensure that extreme groups will not act against persons of other faiths at their own convenience.

“The enactment must be consistent with the Federal Constitution which states under Article 11(4) that ‘State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam’, but does not allow for curtailing the rights of non-Muslims in the manner which they practice their own faith,”

“We must not let the extremists to dictate the state and national agenda to the extent that the minorities are victimised unjustly,

-Yeo Bee Yin, Rajiv Rishyakaran and Lau Weng San as quoted by The Malaysian Insider

But why exactly are they so unhappy until they branded JAIS as extremist? What has JAIS done to qualify them for that title?

The Sultan of Selangor, Muslims scholars, lots of UMNO leaders, very few PAS leaders and most Muslims non-governmental organisations have repeatedly warned the Christians to respect the laws of the land and to stop using the word ‘Allah’ as the Malay translation for the Christian’s god. And the Sultan of Selangor have given a stern warning that the word ‘Allah’ is exclusively for the Muslims.

So why are they so stubborn? If they want to translate their bibles to the Malay language, then use the word ‘tuhan’ because ‘Allah’ is not a Malay word and therefore, it does not exist in the Malay language.

For the milionth time
Credits to Helen Ang for the picture

So now, SIAPA yang sebenarnya EKSTREMIS? JAIS who are doing their jobs to protect Islam or the evangelists and a fraction of confused Muslims who do not want to obey the Sultan’s and the court’s orders, breaking the law, refuse to listen to reasons and dare not open a ‘dwibahasa dictionary’ because they know for sure that the word god in Malay is ‘tuhan’ and not Allah? So, SIAPA sebenarnya EKSTREMIS? The ones who obey the rules or the ones who break them?

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8 thoughts on “Siapa Ekstremis?”

  1. JAIS is doing their job to protect Islam as the religion of the state of Selangor and the Federation of Malaysia. But DAP’s leaders like Hannah Yeoh, the Speaker of Selangor State Assembly want Tan Sri Khalid to take action against the JAIS. And Selangor PAS leaders dare not fight with DAP. PAS is only brave in taking part in demonstrations against the Federal government but not when fighting for Islam. May be PAS does not want to be called EKSTREMIS 🙂
    Will Khalid obey Hannah Yeoh and other DAP’s leaders and fight against the Sultan of Selangor’s decree? Tan Sri Khalid must not forget his Aku Janji.

    1. Because PAS is not as dumb as UMPORNO. What has Majlis Fatwa, JAIS, JAWI or JAWA has done in the last 50 years or so for the benefit of Islam, Malaysia and/or Muslims. Why are social problems as child dumping/close proximity/renouncement is escalating despite the presence of the latter body. Our Muslims today better, wiser or smarter because of them since 20/30 years ago? In fact these benighted demagogue religious hypocrite has raised a worldwide Islamophobea. We don’t need these politically driven good for nothing hypocrites.

      1. PS. JAIS is doing their job as UMPORNO’s dog to create a deception every time the PM and/or his family members are attacked for their false “Wasatiyyah” preaching. This latest event is to sway the attention from his step son’s spending RM110 million in 18SX movies. So, wtf is JAIS doing again?

      2. Ali Karim,

        What is UMPORNO and JAWA? I’ve never heard of them before. Are you calling UMNO as UMPORNO? If you are, then perhaps you mean to say that PAS supporters like you are better than UMNO because they are good at calling UNMO ’18SX names’ such as UMPORNO and using rude words as ‘wtf’? If that is how you look at it, I have to rest my case because I’m a Muslim and I’ve not been brought up to speak that kind of language.

        Selangor Exco of Religious Affairs says that JAIS follows the SOP so, why must you call JAWI extremist? Oh! Before you call the exco another extremist, please note that the Selangor Exco of Religious Affairs is a PAS assemblyman! What JAIS did is in accordance with the Non-Islamic Religious (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment, 1988, which is legal according to article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Can’t you see who actually broke the law?

        PAS always questions Majlis Fatwa, JAIS, JAWI and other Islamic bodies of the government but how much has PAS done for Islam? Teach its supporters to call other people names, demonstrating and blaming others? Yes, social problems in Malaysia and as well as in other countries around the world is getting worse, (don’t tell me that it is UMNO’s fault when there is a problem in Saudi Arabia). But it will be worse under Pakatan; for example, Pakatan is COMANGO friendly and COMANGO is forcing the government to sign some of the UNHRC treaties such as SOGI that will cause more social problems in Malaysia. COMANGO’s leaders are either Pakatan’s leaders or members or supporters. By the way, the social problems in Kelantan is also very bad. The reason to this is because of #lifestyle. Youths do not want to listen to the wise words by the likes of Ustaz Uthman El-Muhammady and Tan Sri Hj Harussani Zakaria but instead, they prefer to listen to the words given by the more ‘modern’ and liberal minded confused Muslims like PAS’s Mujahid, Abby Abadi, PKR’s Nurul Izah and others from Pakatan friendly so-called Muslim NGOs. I blame PAS and its allies for starting this culture of rude and foolish young Muslims by luring the young Muslims to get out of the real world and take every word from the muftis or religious leaders as rubbish and help the evangelists to cause disunity among the Muslims. Thus, makes it easier for them fulfil their ambition of turning Malaysia into a sheep nation.

        UMNO has changed a lot and that is why a lot of Islamic NGOs are now UMNO friendly. Article 3(1) clearly stated that ‘Islam is the religion of the federation.’ But it is a pity that the great leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, both Muslims and non-Muslims do not understand something as clear as that or they understand it but spin the story and claim that Malaysia is a secular country. The same with Article 11. It is clearly written that Article 11 is subjected to Article 11(4) but they’ll simply leave Article 11(4) when referring to Article 11 to spin their stories.

        Islamophobea is a word which was created by the Christians and the Zionists. They create this term to create a bad image for the Muslims — by simply calling the Muslims terrorists or extremists, people will hate Islam and the Muslims.

        Why are there no ‘Christianophobea’ when the Christians kill millions of innocent Muslim children in Afghanistan? Or when France deny the rights of the Muslims in that country to wear hijab?

        Why is there no ‘Zionistophobea’ when the Zionist Israelites kills millions of Muslims in Palestine? Because they are the guardian angels who are putting the devils away or dream catchers who catches your nightmare and lets you sleep soundly?

        Now here is my question for you,
        (a) Who is extremist?
        (b) State the reason for your answer in (a).

      3. For a person to say “I have to rest my case” over “rude words”, you surely have more case to express than mine, in no better taste less creativity. Then you attempt to justify your ego by twisting my words linking to Saudi Arabia!? Wow, you better stop whatever it is you are smoking.

      4. For a person to not answer the question he is being asked, you must be feeling very uneasy to answer it. Then you attempt to justify it by trying to create a deception from the issue and the deeds done by the government and the Islamic governmental organisations which we were discussing about.

        As a Muslim, I do not speak rude words. In a discussion, people need to be fair, open their minds and be intellectual; then one can become more knowledgable and smarter. Being loud, vocal and rude is a part of the new #lifestyle for Western youth that is sadly becoming very popular among some Malaysian especially the PR supporters; but I do not see it as smart.

        PAS and PR supporters would blame UMNO for everything. You blamed JAKIM, JAIS and JAWI for the rise of the social problems in Malaysia when the whole world including the Saudi Arabia are facing the same problem. Do you know the scope of jobs of JAKIM, JAIS and JAWI and their limitations of ‘power’? When JAIS officers did their jobs according to state Enactment and Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, DAP and the Pakatan’s Selangor government will start ‘screaming’, blaming and what ever to stop them. Remember the DUMC case?

        How about the ‘rumah urut’ and all kinds of pubs in Selangor? Blame JAKIM? Did Haji Hadi do anything about it? Well, Selangor is under Pakatan and the Exco for Religious Affairs is from PAS? By the way, you haven’t answered my two simple questions! Selangor’s Exco for Religious Affairs said that in last week’s case, JAIS did their job following the SOP; so are they extremists? Wow, you must be feeling too proud and vain to admit that you had been defaming them wrongly.

        You also mentioned JAWA for which I can’t comment because I have no idea what it is. Or could it be under PAS’s Unit Amal?


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