Karpal Strikes on the Muslim Lawyers

Karpal Singh’s statement in Malaysia Insider really made me angry. Read the article below…

Karpal calls for de-registration of Muslim Lawyers Association, tells Bar to lodge report

Karpal must understand that MLA or Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia (PPMM) respects the Federal Constitution of Malaysia but the Bar Council doesn’t. As a lawyer, one must understand the laws of his or her country. When MLA supports and backs Islam, it is not only because Islam is their religion but it is also because Islam is the religion of the Federation.

We can see that chaos happen in Malaysia when someone tries to challenge the law or humilate other races or religions. For example, the May 13 incident happened when the Chinese humilate the Malays, crying out slogans, implying that they want to ‘sweep’ the Malays out of Malaysia. Among those who participated in the rally was Lim Kit Siang, a senior leader of the Democratic Action Party, the party which Karpal Singh is the chairman. So how can Karpal Singh talk about not being racist when he is the president of a racist party?

Kit Siang Quote Mei13

It is clear that in order for Malaysia to stay in peace and harmony as a multi-racial country, its citizens must understand and respect the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.


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