Just How Credible is COMANGO?

COMANGO is a coalition of NGOs who claim that they are representing the majority of Malaysians. On February 2009, they prepared a paperwork of 16-pages on a list of their demands and why they demand so. In the paperwork, they give a clear bad image on the government.

After being briefed by lawyer Azril Mohd Amin who is a specialist on Human Rights, on UPR and COMANGO demands, I decided to write an article concerning these matters. Uncle Azril highlighted the false accusations and unfair demands made by COMANGO.

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Just How Credible is COMANGO?

COMANGO claimed in part B(5) of their demand that Malaysia is a secular State by referring to Che Omar Che Soh’s case. As what was stated in an article by lawyers Haji Abdul Rahim Sinwan and Azril Mohd Amin, Tun Salleh Abas never mention that Malaysia is a secular State but what he said was, Malaysia practices secular law. In fact,  Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia says, “Islam is the religion of the Federation.”

In part B(8) of their demand, regarding the temples demolished in 2007, did they mention why the temples were demolished? Was it because the government enjoys destroying temples so that they can show that they have a strong power over the country? Or is it because the government wants to improve the lifestyle in the area?

In 2007, the government demolished a temple at Padang Jawa, Shah Alam so that they can improve the lifestyle around the area. Did COMANGO mention the fact that the government gave them a site to build a new temple and paid a compensation of RM40,000.00 to the owners of the temple ? Of course not; because if they do, there is no use for them to bring up this issue.

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In part B(9) of their demand, they accused the government for being too superior until the government can determine the true Islam. COMANGO also complaint about the banning of the Al-Arqam movement which for COMANGO is unfair.

Let’s look at the fact. How could COMANGO think that they understand Islam more than the Islamic authorities in the Malaysian government when none of their members are truly Islamic scholar? And the worst is, most of them are Christians. So, how can they act as if they understand Islam more than the Muslims do? For example, if we say that the Mormonism ideology is compatible to the Christian ideology, the Catholics would probably lunge at us and say that the Mormonism is incompatible with the ‘true’ Christian ideology. They’ll say, “What do you Muslims know about our religion?”


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In Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, it is stated that “Islam is the religion of the Federation.” And Article 11(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia says, “Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and, subject to Clause (4).” Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution says that, “The Federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam”.

When Al-Arqam’s ideology clearly defies the true teaching of Islam, yet insists that they are true, then the government have the rights to stop the ideology from spreading and polluting the minds of the people.

Malaysia federal and state legislative powers
Malaysia federal and state legislative powers

In part F(2) of their demand, they said, “It is important to note a new trend in involving the Judiciary by obtaining court orders to bar individuals from access to places surrounding the venues of planned assemblies. These court orders allow the Police to arrest individuals named in the court orders if they are found in the prohibited areas. Examples: the HINDRAF rally in November 2007, the handing over of the BERSIH memorandum in December 2007…”

Did COMANGO note how violent were the HINDRAF members during the assembly? It is also important to note how dangerous and violent were the BERSIH rallies, for example, BERSIH 3.0. The oppositions love to show the ‘people’s power’ and preach to their followers that the people must rule over the government and not the government rule over them. If that is so, then what is the use of having a government?

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Let’s take for example, a daughter acts rebellious towards her parents and would not listen to any advices given by her parents. What should her parents do? Of course they should be more stern with her so that she doesn’t go astray.

Similarly, the government must keep its country peaceful and harmony. The government should listen to the people and the people should give feedbacks of how to keep the country peaceful. At the same time, the people must respect the law of the country.

COMANGO claims that they represent the majority of Malaysian by saying that they represented 54 NGOs; when actually, only 12 of those NGOs are legal as the rest are not registered under ROS or SSM.


So how can we trust COMANGO’s words? How credible are they if they just demand what they want without concerning or thinking of what might happen to Malaysia if such demands are fulfilled. But of course, they don’t really mind if Malaysia turns into havoc as in Egypt because then they can call the outsiders to interfere in our home affair.

Clearly, the COMANGO is representing the criminals who are waiting for the time to call in the pirates so that they can rule the country and later, the world.

One thought on “Just How Credible is COMANGO?”

  1. It’s an act of universal crime. Christianity have kaput long ago, ever since the death of Isa allayhisalaam and now Islam has been targeted for years thru movies and all sorts of media and gadgets, without most of us knowing it. It is a sign of one will someday immerges and it is not long now, 8-10 years from now.


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