Yoghurt Cupcakes

We usually get hungry by the time we finish performing our Tarawih prayers during Ramadhan. So we always prepare something to eat after the prayers. It is somewhat a tradition in our family; without it, Ramadhan is not complete as so to say.

We usually have something like cakes, ice cream, jellies, pudding, bubur kacang, bubur jagung, boiled chickpeas and others.

Yoghurt Cupcakes!

Yoghurt cakes are very easy to make. It is said that the yoghurt cake is the first cake recipe that most French children are taught due to the easy directions.

And since my mother uses lots of yoghurt and olive oil in her cooking, she loves baking this cake. On top of its delicious taste, it is also a very healthy cake because this yoghurt cake uses lots of yoghurt and olive oil. A good extra virgin olive oil will gives the cake an extra fruity flavour.


The aroma which fills the air as the cakes are baking in the oven tortures us as we are fasting…

This fluffy and light cupcake is irresistible. You’ll go from one cupcake to another

If your oven is not working well and you can’t make cakes then you can pour the batter into cupcakes cups arranged on a cupcake tray and bake them, creating cupcakes like we did.


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