Who is the Hypocrite?

On the 16th March 2013, Antara Pos and Agenda Daily had released videos of a group of reporters chasing the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim for his comment on the photos believed to be from a video featuring a man who looked very similar to him.

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Here are the videos which were released by Antara Pos and Agenda Daily:

Fitnah jijik UMNO termasuk you menjelang pilihan raya
Seorang menggunakan media untuk menyebarkan fitnah
Nama dia Melayu Muslim

During minute 1:22 of the video from Antara Pos, Anwar Ibrahim denied being the man in the photo/video saying, “This is a disgusting defamation by UMNO including you (the reporter). Somebody who uses the media to spread lies. His/Her name is Malay Muslim”. Then one of his supporters called the reporter a munafik or hypocrite.

Why must Anwar became so angry and accused that the reporter is part of the ‘so called’ political gimmick when all he did was asking for his comments? Is this the freedom of speech that Anwar had been fighting for?

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How can Anwar who claimed to be a Malay Muslim disgraced his own race and religion by saying that ‘Malay Muslim’ are the ones who defamed other people for their own political gain? Or it is true that Anwar is not really a Malay as said by some people? And what proves that Anwar has to say that UMNO defamed him?

By right, Anwar is the one who is a hypocrite and not the reporter, for he disgraced Islam and the Malays but at the same time claiming to be a Malay Muslim to win the votes from the Malays.

What kind of leader is he? And now I am even more confused about who he really is. If he is a true Malay Muslim, he must not defame his own religion and race for as a real Muslim one must understand that defaming other people (even the non-Muslims) is something that is prohibited in Islam.

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