Please Help!

Yesterday afternoon, I switched on my father’s and was surprised when Google Chrome said that my father’s blog had been infected by Malicious Software or known as Malware for short. After a short while, even my little brother’s blog was also infected because of Malware. An hour later, my blog also faced the same problem and my little brother and father’s blogs were blocked.




Fortunately, I found the problem in my blog and fixed it immediately. My blog returned to normal but my father and my little brother were not so fortunate though. After they deleted the widget which was suspected to be the cause of the problem, their blogs were still blocked! Can anyone plese help?

I would also like to thank to all of the kind people who had helped us so far like Uncle Mahmud, blogger Paneh Miang and my little brother’s dear best friend, Tedi Sobandi, who wrote a post on the problem in his blog.

Please read: Is Blocked Because Of Malware!

2 thoughts on “Please Help!”

  1. Hello Aeshah!
    I met Drond this morning and he said Ahmad’s blog was attacked by Malware! I was shocked. So when I came home, I checked Ahmad’s blog. Seeing that it really IS attacked by malware! Later, I decided to tell Drond through his blog (so that his viewers know). Unfortunately, his blog was attacked as well!
    I finally decided to ask my friend if he knows anything about it.
    But can you tell me how did it happen???

    1. Hello Ciloe,

      I am not sure how did it exactly happen but I think his blog had been hacked. Even my father’s blog is facing the same problem. I think Drond better change the status of all of the posts which he reblogged from Ahmad Ali’s Weblog to ‘Pending Review’ untill the problem is solved. Right now, we’re still finding a way to solve it.

      Thank you…
      Aeshah Adlina Karim


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