Holy Book Reading in Penang, Where is PAS?

Located at Speaker’s Square, Esplanade, Penang, a group of people who are known to have a strong relationship with SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia/Voice of the Malaysian People) and Aliran (Aliran Kesedaran Negara/National Consciousness Movement) held a ‘Holly Book Reading’ session on the 27th January, 2013. During the session, Christian, Hindu, Buddha and Islam devotees were invited to bring their holy books and discuss to find similarities between each others’ religion.

The Holy Book Reading Session.

Looking at the pictures of the session, no Muslim scholars participated in the session. The host of the session, Mislina Mustaffa had once stated that she doesn’t really understand Islam. So how can they judge the similarities between Islam and the other religions when there is no Muslim scholars? When a person does not understand Islam properly, he/she cannot judge the religion just by reading a holy book. The teaching which say that all religion are the same is the teaching of Pluralism of Religion and that means, Mislina Mustaffa, SUARAM and Aliran supports Pluralism of Religion.

Mislina Mustaffa… Picture by Ahmad Ali.

As the Penang EXCO (Standing Committee of Islamic Affairs, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) of Penang, Yang Berhormat Abdul Malik Abul Kassim of PKR should have done something about the session. And since PAS is a part of Pakatan Rakyat (the opposition parties) and said that it is an Islamic Party, PAS too ought to do something about the session. Did PAS say nothing about the session because they are afraid of DAP? If so, then how can we trust the PAS leaders’ statement saying that since they have the most number of members, they are the most powerful party in Pakatan Rakyat? And how can PAS enforce the Hudud law (if Pakatan Rakyat rule Malaysia) when PAS can’t even stop a small session which is against the Islamic principles in a state ruled by them?

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