Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa: Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah

On the 20th January, 2013, I attended the Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa: Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah or Islamic and Current Challenges Forum: Issue of Kalimah Allah Polemic which was organised by Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam (Pembela) at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIA). Following are some of the things which were said by the speakers during the forum.

Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa: Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah.
Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa: Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah.

Haji Mahamad Naser Disa

He said that according to the Federal Constitution, all Malaysians must obey the decisions and the decrees made by the Sultans or the royal leaders of Malaysia including the decision made by the Sultan of Selangor, the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj on the Kalimah Allah issue.

He also said that if the politicians failed to respect the Sultans’ decree on this matter, their nominations as the candidates in the coming general election should not be accepted because according to Section 298A of the Penal Code what they did is against the law.

Please watch: Naser Disa Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah (full video)

My Conclussion:

Malaysians obviously also includes Malaysian’s politicians and not to forget Malaysians leaders. However, Pakatan Rakyat went against the Sultan’s decision and even showed him great disrespect by commenting, “MAIS has nothing to do with the Selangor government. That is why all of their critics were pointing towards Pakatan… never towards UMNO,” which he commented to the statement by the secretary of MAIS, Datuk Mohd Misri Idris who said, “The Sultan of Selangor has made a decision and decreed that the word Allah is a sacred word specific for Muslims and prohibited to be used by any non-Muslim religion in Selangor as stated in a fatwa and gazetted on Feb 18, 2010.” Therefore, if the Selangor government does not obey the Sultan, the Chief Minister of Selangor and his excos should resign from their posts.

Please read: Kalimah Allah: Pakatan Rakyat Violated the Federal Constitution

 Dr. Abdul Aziz Hanafi

He said that the issue of the use of the word ‘Allah’ is specific for Muslims and should not be disturbed by any other parties. He also said that, “sometimes, we are at fault for opening the doors to them to challenge our rights”.

Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa: Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah.
Dr. Abdul Aziz Hanafi giving his speech during the Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa: Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah.

Dr. Khalif Muammar A. Harris

He said that if the Indonesians come to Malaysia, they should use the word ‘Kereta api’ for ‘Train’ and not ‘Kereta’ as in their language because it will cause confussion. Same as what in the Malay version of bibles, the Christians should use the correct translation which is the word ‘Tuhan’ and not ‘Allah’ to translate the word ‘God’ or it will cause confussion.

He also said that only Muslims have the rights to use the word ‘Allah’ and the Muslims should protect it.

My Conclussion:

I think that Dr. Khalif Muammar was right. In fact, if they want to create an Arab version of bibble, they should use the word ‘Illah’ because it is a much suitable word for the translation to the word ‘God’ and not the word ‘Allah’.

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Here are some photos of the Forum:

P/S: Please click the phtos for a larger image…


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