Haji Hadi Believes in Pluralism?

The below video shows Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s little brother, Nik Razi Nik Mat leading a doa recital at Stadium Sultan Mohammad, Kota Bharu:

Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS Leader’s Comment

I was very lucky to catch the news on TV3 which aired the PAS leader’s comment about the doa recital as I cannot find the statement reported anywhere except from Din Turtle’s blog but he didn’t report the whole statement. The PAS leader said that he supported the doa recital. He also said that those who had been oppressed can pray to Allah to punish those who oppress them. Allah will listen to their prayers even if they are non Muslims (who pray for Allah to punish the Muslims) because they (the non Muslims) believe in Allah.

My point of view on Haji Hadi’s statement:

Firstly, what did UMNO and BN do that was so bad that oppressed the opposition leaders except from defeating them in general elections thus denying them from achieving their ambitions to become ministers? Secondly, when Haji Hadi said that non-Muslims BELIEVE in ALLAH, does he means that all religion worships Allah? Does he believe in the religion pluralism?

The PR leaders in at  Stadium Sultan Mohammad, Kota Bharu. (Thanks to Helen Ang for the picture)


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