The Wild out of Wildlife Phtography

One proud Albino Peacock…

Tim Flach, a photographer from London captures animals wearing human like expressions in his new book, ‘More Than Humans’.

In his book, Tim Flach also shared little known characteristics of animals such as, in captivity, tigers must have a pool of water that allows them to swim. Unlike other cats, tigers are extremely at home in water.
Even Capuchin Monkeys knows how to count!
Dear ‘queer-eyed’ Great Grey Owl, is there something wrong?
A piece of trivia: Elephant trunks can hold approximately a gallon of water for either drinking or bathing. Indian elephants, the author points out, have been found swimming to islands off the coast of India.
Perhaps Jambo the chimpanzee is shy, he suffers from total alopecia – he lost all of his hair.
Young Orang Utans depend on their mother, just like we do!

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