A Visit to IKIM’s Radio Station

Yesterday, my family and I went to IKIM’s office because my father was to be aired on IKIM Fm.

The path to the Radio IKIM’s office.
As we were heading to the Radio IKIM’s office, we passed this elegant water fountain. Unfortunately, no water ‘fountained’ out…

It was a very exciting trip. We were allowed to sit at a place where we can see the radio interview.

Before the interview, we met Aunty Siti and Uncle Sufian (Radio IKIM’s DJs) who interviewed my father that morning.
From left: Uncle Sufian (my little brother is in front of him), me, my little sister and Aunty Siti.

I feel very grateful to get the opportunity to visit the radio station as not many have the experience.

A picture of me at the main entrance of IKIM’s office.


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