Another Great Time with the first Archaeologist I met

Last week, our family and I went to the Islamic Arts Museum to fetch our friend, Rupert Mann the Archaeologist who came from Australia. The last time we met him was eight months ago and we missed him very much.

He gave us lots of beautiful stamps from all around the world. They were very beautiful. He also gave us a very nice card.

We were engrossed with the stamps…
From left is: My mother, me, my elder sister, my little brother and Rupert

We sent him to the hotel where he was staying. My little brother, Ahmad Ali gave Rupert the novel that he wrote titled, ‘The Calovinia’.

My little brother and Rupert with the signed copy of The Calovinia- A book written by Ahmad Ali. They were both wearing their favourite hats.

Rupert is a very nice and polite man and is a wonderful person to be with. I really hope that he will have a safe hiking trip. I also wish that we can meet him again.


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