A Visit to TV Al-Hijrah’s Studio

As my father was going to be aired in TV Al-Hijrah’s morning show, Assalamualaikum, we went to the TV Al-Hijrah’s studio on the 13th October 2012. This was the first time we went to a TV station and we were excited to learn more about the recording process of the show.

My little brother and I at the TV Al-Hijrah’s Studio…

My little brother and I took the opportunity to take a look at the studio where they recorded the show. But we can only stay there for a short time because the show was recorded live.

A picture taken by my little brother of the studio where they record the show.
My father was aired in the TV in the morning show Assalamualaikum in TV Al-Hijrah.

We met Aunty Farah Adeeba and Abang Amin Idris. They were the ones who interviewed my father during the show and they were very nice and friendly.

Abang Amin Idris and my little brother…
From left: My eldest sister, my little sister, my little brother, Aunty Farah and me.

I feel very grateful to had the chance to see how they recorded the show.


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