The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II Stamps: The Four Long Hours of Queueing

Earlier this morning, my family and I left our house to go to the launching of the latest stamps issued, The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at Kuala Lumpur main post office in Dayabumi Complex. Please click here for more information about the stamps.

We arrived around 8:30am and were surprised to see an extremely long queue of people waiting to buy The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. My little sister, Anisah fainted while waiting and so she took a seat in the Stamp Gallery. While waiting for our turn, we made friends with three friendly people who shared lots of interesting facts on stamps.

The Extremely long queue
It started from here…
…to here…
…over here…
…and here…
…reaching here…(my family and I are on the left side of the picture)
…and ended here… Wow!

They opened a special counter for senior citizens so that the old people won’t have to line up in the extremely long queue.

The special counter opened for senior citizens…
Some of the senior citizens took a seat while waiting for their turn

After almost 4 long hours queuing, it is finally our turn to buy the stamps. Unfortunately, the stamp sheets were sold out and only loose ones were available.

Just around five minutes after we bought our stamps, the POS Malaysia staffs put up a few posters notifying that the folder were sold out. We were lucky that we had already bought ours.


They also have a special counter where we can buy the First Day Covers. After buying the first day covers, we pasted the stamps onto them.

Pasting stamps on first day covers. We even need to queue to paste the stamps…

Then we had to queue in another line to get our first day covers and folders stamped.

The counter where we can get our first day covers stamped
One of the staffs at POS Malaysia stamping a first day cover with miniature sheet

At about 1:10 pm, new stock of stamp sheets arrived.

Luckily, we managed to buy the stamp sheets

My heels and ankles are aching now after the 4 long hours of standing 😉

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