The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II Stamps: New Stamps!

Earlier this morning, my family and I left our house to go to the launching of the latest stamps issued, The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at Kuala Lumpur main post office in Dayabumi Complex. The stamps were issued today in conjunction of the royal visit of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Malaysia.

Click image for larger picture…

The stamps came in two designs, both of which are bordered with silver ink. One came in a “stamp on stamp” design, featuring an older stamp released on June 2, 1953 which was issued in conjunction of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. The other features a photograph of Prince William and Catherine Middleton to commemorate their visit. Both costs RM1.50 each.

The stamps issued: (above) Featuring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and (below) featuring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Please click the image for a larger picture…

The miniature sheet features almost similar stamps and cost RM5.00 (RM2.50 per stamp).

The miniature sheet. Click for a larger picture…

The first day cover costs 50 cents each and the folder costs RM 5.50 each.

The first day cover with stamps. Click for a larger picture…

The stamps were designed by World Communications Network Resources (M) Sdn Bhd.

The Folder. Click for a larger picture…

4 thoughts on “The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II Stamps: New Stamps!”

  1. Dearest Aeshah,

    And you did not even mention that we stood there in the queue for nearly 4 hours? I would have thought that this is the most notable part of the story (or the most tiring, of course)!

    I suggest that the next time we queue for stamps of such popular themes, we should bring with us a deckchair and a book each – or maybe a little folding desk so that you can finish your story, my dear (or my horse, whichever pleases you 😉 )


    1. Dear Kaman,
      I was planning to include that part of the story in another post which I will publish in a short while…

      I don’t think we do need those. We need a clip board so we can just write while standing.


      1. Dearest Aeshah,

        Oh, I see… but you’ll tire your arm 😉 Besides, bringing a table would be unique – the whole story would be an excellent addition to the Mishy Push Family 😀



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