Christian Books sold outside primary school

It was reported that a range of books with ‘Islamic-like titles and stories’ were sold out side a primary school in Johore Bahru. According to a teacher of Sekolah Melayu, Kampung Melayu, Johore Bahru, he spotted a Year Two student reading a book, ‘Kisah Malaikat’ or ‘Story of Angel’. The teacher later found out that the book contained pictures of the Christian’s illustration of angels portraying the Islamic angels. The school then made a special explanation session on the matter to their students.

Some of the books sold by the school…

Reading those books can confuse kids in understanding Islam. So, parents should be wary of what their children reads. Reading books containing bad messages, will influence kids to do bad things.

I think that we have to educate Muslims to be very careful of what they buy because there are things like shirts, that have pictures or symbols which might promote bad things especially when the message is against our religion.

As khalifahs of Allah, let us all be together to fight against the evil enemies of Islam. We really must stop fighting among ourselves just because of politics. This is what they (anti-Islams) wants; to break us apart so that we will be weaker. Always remember that you will never get your tea sweet if you add salt in your tea instead of sugar.

PAS should stop making other Muslims its enemy. PAS should realise that if they really wants to implement hudud, they will have to work together with other Muslims and not with DAP; unless hudud is nothing more than just a slogan for PAS to gain Muslims’ votes. I pray that PAS will stop using Islam just for money and power and stop splitting the Malays.

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