Fresh Coconut Drink!

The day after the burial of my Appa, we went to my late Grand-Uncle(Tok Teh)’s house. <Click here for My Granduncle Was ‘Segok’ By A Cow>. Tok Teh once plucked some young coconuts for us.

Tok Teh’s Coconut Tree…

This time, my father have to pluck the coconuts! He took the ‘pengait kelapa’ and hooked the hook to the coconut. Then he twisted the ‘pengait’ while pulling it softly. He twist and pull and twist and pull and “KRLISH!” rustled the leaves and “THUD!” the coconut fell on the ground. But my father is not an expert at looking for the right coconuts… The coconut was too young and it’s shell broke right when it hit the ground. Then the water came rushing out from the coconut.

My little brother squealed in excitement and started to snap some photos. Nek Teh(Tok Teh’s wife) rushed to her kitchen to get a pitcher. The water from the coconut came rushing out so fast. I tried to hold the coconut in an angle where the water won’t flow out but however I held it, the water still rushed out! We only got to collect half of the coconut water because by the time Nek Teh brought the pitcher, a lot of the water from the coconut had already dripped out.

I was holding the first coconut plucked…

The same thing happened to the next coconut. It was too young and it’s shell broke when it hit the ground. Just that this time, we already have a pitcher ready and so we get to collect a lot of the water.

The second coconut that my father plucked fell down with a thud and splash!

My father didn’t made the same mistake with the third coconut though. When the coconut fell onto the ground, the shell of the coconut didn’t break (which was quite a dissapointment for my little brother). My father tried to cut the coconut open. But the knife won’t cut the coconut properly. My father said that the knife was too blunt. When Nek Teh went to see what was the problem, she told us that the coconut was too old! After we got to cut the coconut open, my father went to pluck another one.

My father was trying to cut open the coconut which turned out to be too old…

This was the best that he plucked; it was not too young but slightly on the old side (though it’s not the perfect one).

The best coconut plucked…
Pouring the sweet coconut water out of the coconut…
My sister showing an opened coconut. (This was the second cocout)

After opening and washing the coconuts, we enjoyed the sweet coconut drink and the delicious coconut meat.

My father enjoyed a glass of coconut drink
My little brother, Ahmad Ali, chewing the tasty coconut meat.
My mother is scrapping the coconut meat from the coconut…

We also saw a lot of trees there. There were:

A Rambutan Tree (Nephelium lappaceum)
Ulam Raja (Cosmos caudatus)
Pineapple (Ananas comosus)
Bunga Kenanga (Cananga odorata) and many more…

We had a lovely time…


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