I met a real Archaeologist!

Archaeology is the study of human society through the recovery and analysis of things like artifacts, architecture, bio-facts and cultural landscapes. I’ve always wanted to meet an archaeologist because I’m interested in archaeology but it seemed impossible to meet one.

On 11th of  February, 2012, we met Mr. Rupert Mann. When he told us that he’s an archaeologist, I was so surprised that I thought that I was dreaming… At last  I met a real archaeologist!

Before he left Malaysia, he gave me a very beautiful brooch. He gave a hat that looks exactly like his to my little brother who was so fascinated by it. Thank you Mr. Rupert for the lovely brooch and the wonderful time that you spent with us…

At the airport... From left; Mr. Rupert's friend (Thomas), Mr. Rupert (my little brother, Ali is in front of them), my mother, my sister and me.


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