My First Letter

It was the eleventh day of September and my family and I had just returned from our Eid holiday in Kuala  Terrengganu .

I went to our postbox to collect the letters. There were a lot of letters and when I tried to pull the letters out, some of them were stuck. So I pulled out the top half first. When I took out the second half, I saw three beautiful stamps pasted on top of the envelope that was on top of the pile. And to my surprise, my name was written on it. The letter is for me and the beautiful stamps are actually mine!

The letter is for me and the beautiful stamps are actually mine!

It was from my first and only pen pal, Mr. Paul Lecleir from Liege, Belgium. I ran into the house and told my father about the letter. When I opened the envelope, I found three envelopes full of stamps and two postcards. The stamps are all Belgium stamps and they happened to be the first Belgium stamps in my collection and the postcards are my first postcards. I love the Smurfs and the birds stamps, especially the owl the most. The railway station postcard is my favourite. Thank you very much, Mr. Paul Lecleir for the beautiful Belgium stamps and the postcards. I really, really love them.

My first postcard!


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